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Aug 23, 2011
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What are your pet peeves?

i've been noticing myself finding annoyances in certain things recently and it got me wondering - am I just pedantic as all holy hell or do we all contain some sort of pet peeviness about certain things?

Some of mine include:
1. When a website changes the cursor into something that looks terrible.
2. People being dicks to service or retail staff.
3. Not using "please" or "thank you"
4. Smoking around children!

So - come on! Tell us what first-world problems you have!! :lew:


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Feb 19, 2009
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  • People leaving toilet stalls having done their business and not even wash their hands.
  • If you're proudly vaping, can you not exhale it at the general direction of other pedestrians, much less right at their faces? From personal experience, these people are more obnoxious than even ordinary smokers.
  • Everyone currently panic buying all the basic necessities they think they need, based simply on the fact that they've seen reports of other people doing that (based on misinformation anyway), culminating in an imagined shortage of supply turning into a real and genuine self-inflicted shortage of supply which screws over sensible people.
  • I know this is also true for Apple, but Android fanboys appear to be particularly more abundant. The type of people who give each other hearty circlejerks as if they're all enlightened individuals who have bravely preserved their very individuality from the chimeric hive-mind of Apple fans. You guys aren't freedom fighters or anything. You're not some brave hipsters serving as the last bulwark against some degenerate society that's lost its capacity to think either. You're just fanboys so invested in your choice of consumer product that you simply want other people to reaffirm your decision, as if you've made some gutsy, brave stance. This can also apply to video games console fanboys.
  • My Samsung phone's tendency to irregularly drain its battery for no discernible reason. I've power saving mode on, don't have any resource intensive app running and a lot of the time I just leave it idle, but sporadically it still manages to go from 80% battery for instance to 30% in a few hours. My mother's old Samsung had the same problem, so with this very unscientific sample size of 2, I can confidently conclude that I will not be buying another Samsung device anytime soon.
  • Whenever I see drivers on their phones while driving. If they want to inflict unforced injuries to themselves because they're too glued to their phones, or are stopped by police, whatever. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Unfortunately, they're a danger to other drivers and pedestrians, so screw them.
  • It's a 40mph zone and this person in front of you is cruising along at not even 30.
  • "No offence, but..." "I'm not being racist here, but..."
  • The absolute butchering of the word 'literally'. I just want to reach out and strangle anyone who writes or says anything as daft as "I'm LITERALLY dead". A word that is supposed to be the antonym of 'figuratively' is now magically a synonym.
  • Unnecessary apostrophes for pluralisation. This happens so often and I have no idea why. Who pluralises banana with an apostrophe for example? Banana's?! Even sillier is this apostrophe pluralisation isn't even consistently applied. Even in the same paragraph or sentence, I've seen people pluralise certain nouns normally and bizarrely insert apostrophes in others.
  • When video games go full anime and otaku pandering.
  • Anime in general.


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May 17, 2019
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I literally feel personalty attack'ed by the user above :humph:


My beef with people:

People who don't use their turn signals at all. Bonus points when they are weaving in & out of traffic.
People who don't use their turn signals until after they are in the turn lane.
People who don't respect other people's personal bubble.
When someone puts a dish in the sink after you've washed them/put them in the dish washer.
Also when people stack dishes (or really anything) in a way that doesn't make sense.
People who brag about how crap their life is and how much you don't really understand how crap their life is.
When people are angry and require everyone around them to also be angry. This is awesome in a work setting and it impacts your own job.
People who play their staticy garbage music off of their garbage phone in a public place, such as the grocery store.
When anyone from upper-management (and up) swears in a company-wide meeting. Maybe it's my inner-old person but I think it's kinda unprofessional and a lame attempt at trying to come across 'chill' with employees.
I also hate it when people are jerks to service/retail workers but I think it's equally as annoying when I approach those people with my kindest customer service face and they're rude and unfriendly back.
Also with the no hand washing after using a public toilet. Ew.
Nerdy gamer/anime kids who are very public about it. These are the same people who sing their anime music in public because they want everyone to know that they know Japanese (despite having only crudely memorized a song).

I've been selling a lot of stuff off of the Facebook market as of late:
People who ghost you after asking you a billion questions.
People who ghost you after saying how annoying people on the FB Market are who don't show up.
People who ghost you after you arrive at the meetup place at the meetup time.
People who leave their house at the meetup time. Bonus points when they're over 45 min. away.
People who offer you significantly less than what you've got an item listed for.
People who suddenly are in a car accident just before meetup.

Non-peopley things:

Mobile websites. Especially ones where it's missing a direct link to the page you need.
Internet outages. I can't really describe it... it's just that any inconvenience of the internet makes me so angry 😅 It's like road rage almost.
When my hands are sticky and I'm driving or something.
When my foot itches while I'm driving.
Group projects.
When the raw meat package at the store is dripping in raw juices.... but you don't know until after you pick it up :(

I dunno, a bunch of other stuff I guess - Apparently I just have a strong dislike for people. I've been told that I'm a no-nonsense kind of person :worried:


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Jun 26, 2008
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I literally feel personalty attack'ed by the user above :humph:


I don't think I'm easily irritated but here a few things which I disapprove of:
  • People not washing their hands after the toilet. It's basic manners. It might only seem like its just your own wee dripping todger to you and that it doesn't matter, but if you are shaking people's hands or rubbing their backs, etc, and you haven't washed your hands then you're just being selfish. It's even worse for other toilet activities. It takes a few seconds. No excuses. You're not being cool.
  • People spitting on the floor right in front of you as they see you approaching. Usually the sort of people who like to loiter about. It’s animalistic behaviour. The modern human equivalent of animals urinating on the ground to mark their territory. The human race has evolved and we should invite people that do this to catch up.
  • People who play music loud from their phones / devices on public transport. Again, this is them attempting to own the space around them, asserting dominance and marking their territories. But I think it also makes them look very stupid and inconsiderate.
  • When people have loud, very personal conversations on their phones in public transport. Very loud, I mean. I don't just mean standard conversations but the ones which seem to last for hours and you end up learning way too much about this random stranger. Sometimes it comes across as if they are simply trying to show off how socially active they are or how busy they have been. But the phone is right next their mouths so I don't know why the penguins in Antarctica need to hear these tales.
  • When driving, when people don’t lift up their hands or gesture to say thank you after you let them out and it was your right of way.
  • People who interrupt others, don't listen to others, assume what others think, or ignore people and don't include them. I know what this feels like so I do try my best to include people if I feel like they are being left out, and I try my best to hear people out. Sometimes at cost to myself as sometimes people move on or go home for tea before their turn at talking has ended and I can finally say what I actually wanted to say.