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Feb 25, 2010
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Our Last Kiss

It was a summer evening, the wind was blowing gently, the golden sun was just starting to set. I was on my way to the school roof after being asked to go there earlier in the day by my boyfriend, Katsu. As I walked up the long narrow stairs that lead to the rooftop, I was already thinking of what is to happen. Me and Katsu have been going through a rough patch recently, arguing a lot, getting jealous of each other. I can’t explain the feeling I got in my stomach, but I just have this feeling and I’m going to hear them words, the words I always feared since the day I got with you. “Can we just be friends?” I fear them words because, Katsu, I never want to leave your side, I want to feel your soft and warm hand holding my own. I want that nervous feeling I get around you, I want to feel your warm breath on my neck just as you softly kiss me. The kiss, the feeling I get as your sweet face gets slowly closer to mine, to the point where I can smell your sweet peppermint breath from the toothpaste you used that morning.

Then the moment comes, your lips gently touches my own, feeling your hand softly touch my head. My heart begins to race, I get the most nervous feeling inside, but I love it, because I know that I’m by your side. Katsu, you will never know the heartbreak that I’m about to go through, the feeling of never being able to be by your side again, the thought of you being with another girl, I can’t bear that feeling. Why do I have to leave you? Why does it feel like my heart has just been torn into two? I have to face this, but I just can’t, it feels like my world is just about to fall apart, be torn into two.

I walked up the stairs, I was finally on the school roof, in the far distance, I could see a figure ahead of me. As I walked towards it, I could see your face, your black hair, it rather long, but the fringe doesn’t quite cover your right eye, I think it looks cute. You sit there in your school uniform, waiting for me, but this time, I can see the sadness on your face. If you’re sad, why are you doing this, you must know how I feel. As I got closer, I could see his face, it looked like the face of someone who just lost a family member, why is he sad? At that second, he finally spoke to me, “Mei, please take a seat, I want to make this as quick as possible!” I sat down by the wall, my heart was racing at this point, has the time finally come, after all this time, was I about to lose someone I cherish?

I took a slight breath in before Katsu started talking to me again “I’m just going to say this once, and only once, this isn’t something that I want to say more than once!” ‘it time, prepare myself Mei, be ready’ I thought to myself. “Mei, I been thinking of how to say this for a while, but, I think we should be friends!” in that moment, I finally got the courage to say my first words since sitting down. “Katsu, what do you mean?” I sat there waiting for a reply, the gentle wind blew again, it seemed like even the wind could tell the tenseness there was in the air. Katsu finally spoke again, “We, you know, been arguing a lot recently, and I don’t want to hurt you anymore.” Confused more than ever, I spoke once again, but this time looking at him straight in the eyes, I wonder if he can sense my emotions in my eyes? “You would never hurt me, you never had, and never will.” Silence started again, during this time, I looked at a flower towards the end of the rooftop. See, the school rooftop had a flowerbed at either end, in this flowerbed, there was a white flower, but it was starting to die. This was how I felt, I felt like that flower, just slightly starting to die inside on what was going on.

On that moment, I heard, what would be still to this day, the worse words that I have ever heard in my life.

“Mei, there somebody else”

My face slowly started to turn a rather pale white, I just sat there, doing nothing, I looked like a ghost, but the feeling inside was worse. The feeling of the ultimate heartbreak, not only was we breaking up, but he breaking up with me because there ‘somebody else.’ The feeling inside, it so hard to explain, imagine losing an object, or something that means the world to you. Think of that, and then double it, this was the feeling I had, the feeling of ‘heartbreak’

“So if there somebody else, does that mean that you never loved me?”

I sat there, waiting for a response, if there was one question that I wanted answered, that would be it, did you ever love me, Katsu?

“Mei, you will always be my first love, please understand, everybody has to move on one day.” Katsu said in a soft voice, as if he was trying to comfort me, how could he do that after what he said to me? “I can’t move on, Katsu, I Love You, and I always will, I can’t live without you by my side.” Tears started to appear in my eyes, I jumped from the bench, and wrapped my arms around Katsu, I’m still not sure today why I did it. “Please, Katsu, you can’t do this, please don’t leave me, I don’t know what to do.” Tears were now running down my face, and falling onto the black jumper that Katsu wore to school. I must of cried on his shoulder for almost 5 minutes, the whole time, Katsu just held me, and stroked my head softly, Why am I sitting here, crying on the man who just gave me the worse news I had in my entire life?

On that moment, Katsu called out my name softly “Mei,” I lifted my head off him, and looked into his eyes, well, I tried to. He slowly wiped the tears off my face, and then spoke to me, “Mei, don’t think of this as the end, think of this as a beginning, the beginning of a chapter.” Just before I had a chance to say my next sentence, Katsu started moving towards me, and then gave me a kiss. My heart was racing as always, I embraced him, in that moment, all of our memories, the happy memories we had as a couple started racing to my head. For that one moment, I felt happy again, as if all my worries have been washed away by the river Nile into the sea.

Katsu finally moved his lips away from mine, on that moment; I said the first thing that came to my head.

“I Love You, Katsu”

Katsu stood up, and took his bag from the floor, and took one last look at my face before saying, “Goodbye, Mei.” Katsu walked down the stairs, and out of site. I looked at the stairs, he gone, Katsu really gone, It, really over. On that moment, a tear shed from my right eye, and dripped onto my school skirt. I tried wiping the tears from my eyes, but they just kept coming. My last words I said that entire evening, was:

“Katsu, why?”