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Graphics Continent
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Rules & Guidelines

Graphics Continent Guidelines

» Graphics Continent main area - can be used to create threads for constructive criticism or general feedback after displaying your work.
» Signature of the Week - is where we keep our weekly signature competitions. Please use the Directory below to navigate and read the rules.
» SOTW Winners - displays all winning entries in the SOTW competition.
» GFX Lounge - main area is used to a laid back chat, questions or discussion with fellow GFXers.
» The Gallery - is for display purposes only. No commenting in this area.
» Resources & Tutorials - for all your Photoshop or GIMP tutorials and a place where you can share or find new resources.
» Requests - not a graphic artist? This is the area for you, you can request in this area and any artist willing can pick it up.
» Graphic Shops - looking for work from a specific artist and they have a shop set up here? Use the directory below to navigate your way to the Shops!

Graphics Continent Rules

» General Forum rules apply. You can read them here.
» Nudity is not allowed. If you are unsure about a graphic piece please contact the Spira Moderator.
» Constructive Criticism & Feedback: "This sucks" isn't constructive. Warnings will be given at the sight of rude behaviour.
» Please use one thread to display a certain type of GFX. If you want to start a new thread you can request your old one to be closed.
» Do not claim GFX work you didn't make as your own. This will result in a warning and possibly infractions.

Plagiarism - plagiarism is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in any sections of Spira. If you suspect that someone is plagiarising or someone has stolen your work please follow the following steps.

1. PM the Spira Moderator with a link to your plagiarised work.
2. Provide proof that the work is yours. A PSD file would be the best thing you can provide. If you no longer have the .PSD file you're going to have to provide another form of proof. The moderators will do their best to sort the situation out as soon as possible.
Piracy Policy - Software piracy is strictly prohibited on the Final Fantasy Forums. This means that you are not allowed to request any copyright material (software included) let alone distribute them. Any threads requesting this will be closed without notice, links for downloading will be removed and the members contributing (including the creator) will be warned and/or infracted accordingly.




Graphics Continent Directory

» Signature of the Week [main]

» SOTW Winners [sub][/sub][sub][/sub][sub][/sub][sub][/sub][sub][/sub][sub][/sub]​

» GFX Lounge [main]

» The Gallery [sub][/sub][sub][/sub][sub][/sub][sub][/sub][sub][/sub][sub][/sub]​
» Resources & Tutorials [sub][/sub][sub][/sub][sub][/sub][sub][/sub][sub][/sub][sub][/sub]​

» Requests [main]

» Graphic Shops [sub][/sub][sub][/sub][sub][/sub][sub][/sub][sub][/sub][sub][/sub]​
Please note: Rules and Guidelines will be updated accordingly.
Questions, please PM the Spira Moderator.
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