Official trailer for FFXV: Episode Prompto DLC


Square Enix have released the official trailer for the second paid DLC for last year's Final Fantasy XV. Episode Prompto is due on the 27th of this month and will naturally focus on Prompto in a more story-driven third-person shooter experience combined with light stealth elements. This DLC episode takes place following the events of Prompto falling off a Niflheim-bound train where terrible revelations await in a Magitek facility.

Naturally, the trailer will reveal spoiler elements, plus a certain supporting character who is about to make a very welcome return.

Nova Crystallis
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This looks pretty good.

I can see that they've put a lot of effort into this with new gameplay styles, mini-games (snow-mobile, etc), and some interesting enemy types (the boss hanging from pipes and bars looks like an interesting fight for Final Fantasy). It also looks as if it will clarify a number of things in the FFXV story for those who didn't think it was very clear.

Definitely looking forward to this one!
I did always like Prompto more than Noctis. Looks like a fun DLC for once! Not getting it for obvious reasons :lew: but... Looks promising!
I'm giving this DLC my thumbs up just for the inclusion of Aranea and a significant improved new outfit. For once we're on the same page, game. I wanted more of her and I'm ecstatic to see that she's about to receive an extra opportunity to shine. Best character in the game.

It's such a shame that she was never part of the bros team for very long. After all the rubbish from Tabata about how it just wouldn't be the same if the bros have a woman hanging around with them, Aranea unexpectedly joined in for a bit and provided a much needed new dynamic to the group with how well she bounced off the rest of the group sans Gladiolus.
Looks really good, I hope this will deliver. Prompto I sort of was always the optimistic one until it encroached on his grim story toward the end of FFXV. We will see.