FFX-2 No Summoners = Danger ?


Fatal Noob
Jun 22, 2009
So in FFX Yuna destroyed Sin by killing all Aeons.
That nice and all: The enemy is dead, no more summoner will sacrifice their lives and simply sounds like a happy ending.

BUT, there is one thing that bothers me. In FFX it was explained (by Lulu I think) that people who aren't sent by a summoner, may become Fiends.

There are no more summoners in FFX-2, so basically there is no one to sent the dead people. So from what I understand, that will mean a great increase in the number of Fiends. Which will kill more and more people. Thus more new Fiends will appear. A "new" Spiral of death.

What do you all think? Can such situation one day become even a greater problem then Sin?

I know there Machina guards and all, but I still think it is not enough.
It was my interpretation that it was those who met their untimely end were to become fiends, as they're the ones who had good reason to envy the living (and so suffer the chain of resenting, eventually hating them).
Dying of age gives people chance to reflect on their existence and become content with the current situation (being pending death), whereas those who died in the Kilika incident, for example, obviously had no such opportunity; their lives were sensessly and unjustifiably taken from them, thus leading to the eventual anger and subsequent devolution into fiends.

As I understand it, anyway...
Leading onto that, most people that will die, will be old, there will be one or two that will die from an unfair thing that could happen to them, like when the Al bhed Did the towers, or if there is a death while on the road with a fiend.

Either way, its a good argument but, Summoners Guided, most people guide themselves, remember the scene in the farplane with Tidus and Yuna when Tidus's Mother appears. If they Accept death, they find there own way (basicly a translation to what Saix said),
I am pretty sure I read somewhere that the Summoners who became so before the Eternal Calm could still perform the sending. Pyreflies didn't go anywhere, just the Fayth and Aeons.

Although, that doesn't really solve the problem, either... those Summoners would eventually die themselves, of old age or what have you, and I assume that without the Fayth, there would be no way for new Summoners to be created.

Bit late to this one...

Yeah… Spira’s eschatological system might have been disrupted. Who looks after the dead now? This is the FFX equivalent of supplexing the Phantom train.

Even if we accept the idea that those who died with contentment never become fiends, there will doubtless be many others who die ‘before their time'. There will be plenty of accidents, murders, wars and monster attacks. I am not a fan of the term ‘before their time' either as it implies that older people have nothing to gain from living whereas in reality plenty would still like to live and enjoy their lives.

I’m not sure if this is mentioned in X-2 as I'm less familiar with that game. Personally I would have preferred for this sequel to confront these issues as a major plot point.
My knowledge of X-2 isn't so good either (I never beat it,) but I came across this while I was reading into some things on the FF Wiki:

Under Eternal Calm said:
After Yuna's Calm began, the tradition of performing sendings seems to have ended. Final Fantasy X-2 Ultimania Omega elaborates that pyreflies continued to appear in great numbers as the destruction of Sin had broken the cycle of sending the dead to the Farplane resulting in the sudden increase of fiends, as pyreflies are their lifeforce.[1]

You would have thought that after Sin there would have been less death/pyreflies and then the fiends would have thinned/died out, but nope! Just be thankful that didn't up the encounter rates!

In my opinion it would have been smarter to have it that way though - where the fiends thin out due to decrease in pyreflies. Then, instead of fiends, you have examples of what Shuyin was:

FF Wiki said:
Unlike most unsent, Shuyin's spirit can possess people, controlling those who are deep in malice. He can also possess fayth, using their aeons to help him. Shuyin's "shadow".

The Final Fantasy X-2: International + Last Mission Ultimania elaborates in its "Four Puzzles" section that the "Shuyin" who Yuna and others meet is not the original Shuyin, but his "shadow" full of the despair and hatred the Shuyin of 1000 years ago felt, preserved by pyreflies. Places where pyreflies are dense "remember" moments from the past and project them, such as the Zanarkand Dome where Yuna and her guardians witnessed visions during her pilgrimage. In the case of Shuyin these "phantom thoughts" began acting on their own.

The difference between Shuyin's shadow and a true unsent is that its pyreflies cannot interact physically. While Shuyin's shadow lacks physical substance, it can produce extensions of itself, and to influence the state of mind of those around it, as seen inside the Den of Woe. For it to physically interact with the living world the shadow needs to possess someone to act as its vessel. A suitable vessel would be someone in similarly despairing disposition who is strong both physically and spiritually. However, should the shadow's vessel lose consciousness, transferring to a new one is not possible.

So you know... Ghosts.

It would have made for an interesting alternative concept to FFX-2 (or even a FFX-3) anyway!