No asmongold is not responsible for the FF14 boom


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Aug 18, 2021
nolasam Ggg
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Do not get me wrong he deff influenced some players but 80% of the players that left WOW for FF14 switched because the game is better right now.Blizzard's product is stale and has been for many years, and people have had enough of it, not to mention the legal issues they have ongoing.
Maybe Asmongold is a symptom of a growing trend rather than the cause?

I'll be honest, I had genuinely never heard of him at all before his switch to FFXIV went viral. Maybe he did exert some influence on his fanbase and shepherded people towards FFXIV, but there are probably a number of factors involved. The recent crisis with Blizzard probably has had an impact on some people. Also, FFXIV's new expansion, Endwalker, is on its way. After Shadowbringers was so well-received, and hype for Endwalker is extremely high right now, it is the perfect time for people to begin playing FFXIV to see what people are talking about when they praise it.

I hear from hardcore MMO players that FFXIV isn't very good at being an MMO (from a gameplay perspective). So if that is a widely-held belief then some hardcore MMO players might move back once they've finished the story. I'm not really an MMO player, so I cannot compare it with anything myself, but I am a Final Fantasy player and I love FFXIV and it is wonderful to see it getting due praise.