New IP, Dragon Quest Heroes (I and II) and I am Setsuna all coming to Nintendo Switch


The Nintendo Switch now has a release date (3 March, priced at $300/£279.99) and among a slate of up to 80 games being developed for it, including a new Shin Megami Tensei, No More Heroes, Super Mario Odyssey, Fire Emblem Warriors, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Skyrim, Splatoon 2 and more, Square Enix have also pledged support to Nintendo's new console with its own titles. Two of them are ports of I am Setsuna and both Dragon Quest Heroes games, but a third one will be a new IP from the studio behind the Bravely games, called Project "Octopath Traveller".

1. Dragon Quest Heroes I and II

Let's begin with the announcement that both Dragon Quest Heroes games will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in one package. The games are not traditional turn-based Dragon Quest role-playing games, but belong to the Musou genre primarily defined by hacking and slashing your way through vast legions of enemies. Both games have been developed by Omega Force, a division of Koei Tecmo with games such as Toukiden and Samurai Warriors in their portfolio. The first Dragon Quest Heroes is available on the PS4 now, with its sequel bound for the same machine at the end of April.

Note that Switch ports of both Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI are also in development. That being said, the former is an MMORPG unlikely to see any official availability let alone localisation outside of Japanese territories, so expect it to remain a Japanese exclusive.

2. I am Setsuna

Next up is a port of I am Setsuna, the debut game of new studio Tokyo RPG Factory that takes inspiration from the 16-bit RPGs of yesteryear, namely Chrono Trigger. It's currently available digitally for PS4 and Windows PC and will soon be available for Nintendo's new machine.

3. Project Octopath Traveller

This is the only new game announced for the Switch by Square Enix, and naturally the most mysterious of the trio. It is in collaboration between Square Enix and Silicon Studios - the latter of which is known as the studio behind the Bravely games. It resembles a more traditional 16-bit RPG with sprites, but given enhanced and more modern effects to bring the game to life.

Besides a short teaser trailer, very little else is known about this retro callback.

BBC News | Nova Crystallis (I) (II) (III)[/color]


I heard they might want to bring Kingdom Hearts III and maybe even FFXV to Switch too. This all being said, I bet this could go the way of the Wii and the Wii-U where companies look at it say "oh yeah we are so interested!" and then quickly back if sales don't expectations or it becomes "too gimicky" for them. Now as far as Square Enix is concerned, after these games I could see a couple Final Fantasies, but they would be more like Crystal Chronicles or even World of Final Final Fantasy in my mind, something that looks more "cartoonish" and more aimed towards kids. Although if sales do meet the high expectations I can see KHIII and FFXV being ported to Switch. I wouldn't mind them doing either or actually, and I actually am kinda tempted to get a Swtich.
Project Octopath Traveler is something I'm keeping an eye on, since the Bravely games were some of the best RPGs to come out since...well, a bloody long time ago!

As for the Switch itself, I can't wait. I've pre-ordered it but who knows if there will be enough stock to actually have it on release. I'm willing to wait a few days or whatever lol.

Mario Odyssey, Zelda: BotW and now Project Octopath Traveler are the main games I'm looking forward to. No More Heroes is always a good shout too :lew:.

EDIT: And Dragon Quest 11. I think the Switch may turn into my go to console for multi-platform games now, so long as the loading times are as good as a discless console should be (they can make or break a game for me, easily).

EDIT EDIT: And Super Bomberman R! Who saw Konami bringing out a game that I've been hoping for since Hudson Soft went down the crapper? Now all we need is a new Silent Hill :gasp:.
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