New Final Fantasy XIII Trailer in PS3 Home Friday 13th

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Dec 30, 2007
While we hope that this isn't the super-awesome-exciting announcement from Square regarding Final Fantasy XIII, it could be.

The US PlayStation blog states that: "To whet your appetite, Square Enix has given us a special, never-before-seen FINAL FANTASY XIII video to air in the PlayStation Home 10-Screen Theater (sic) this Friday, November 13th – so be sure to stop by and check it out."

Source: Spong
Poop, is it just for PS3? Heard last night on our GAME radio station some footage was being shown, but it didnt mention the 360 either :(
I can see it coming to Xbox Live at some point, it might be an exclusive trailer at first but I very much doubt it would stay like that, especially with it being multiplatform. Either way it'll end up on the internets. :wacky:
The trailer's for Home? That's new. I suppose I'll have to wait for the inevitable Youtube upload to see for myself what this amazing never-before-seen trailer is. I wonder what is so amazing about it.

I think there's more to the announcement than this trailer. Kitase must have something more to announce, otherwise the hype is rather unnecessary. Most likely scenario will be a release date announcement for Europe.
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