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Welcome to the MogShop Network, kupo!

Following the 10th Anniversary celebrations of Final Fantasy Forums the moogles have been working diligently on providing a more effective and exciting MogShop!

We can announce that the MogShop is now live!

Here you can find detailed information about the MogShop and items up for purchase, including updates and changes. Please make sure to read each item description - most items contain specific instructions.

You can buy items in the shop with Gil, Community Tokens (CT), and Gold Points (GP). Please view Currency System for more info.

The Moogle Shops

-General Store:
Any special account privileges and upgrades are located here. When purchasing some items, the user will automatically inherit permissions (overriding a permission value) for their account.

In this shop you can purchase items which: grant the privilege to join Social Groups (another revamped feature of FFF), grants you the right to host your livestreams on our Streams page (this will now expire every year), buy you a profile music player, increase your PM capacity and maximum recipients, give you coloured threads, give you bold or glowing user titles, increase your avatar size, and bump a thread back into significance.

-Community Centre:
In this shop you can purchase items which: give your threads a coloured highlight, buy XIV in-game Gil, allows you a coloured username, provides your postbit a highlight, change your username, alter the SB colour, and remove an infraction.

-Special Gifts:
In this shop you can purchase a birthday or Christmas gift to give to a friend a little present of 1 CT.

-Events Centre:
Here you can buy items associated with FFF special events (such as Christmas, Halloween, and Birthweek).

The P.O.S.T tidbit, candy canes, stockings and witch hats are located here. Some new additions include items that have been added to cater for participants of the ‘Doodle Games’ hosted by Dionysos (such as monster slaying games, the Haunted House, and the Treasure Hunt game). Purchase ‘Turtle Soup’ if you would like more health for your character or an extra turn. If you fancy creating an additional character then you can purchase the ‘Twin Turtle’ item! Team Member Elimination Games now include special Medic items that will heal your team or revive a fallen comrade.

Purchase permission items to join guilds and alliances. Currently out of stock. More details coming soon.

Moogle Station:
Here you have the option to buy a collection of trinkets, odds and ends, that sort of thing. (Except we don't just sell meat and potatoes.) You can gift them to other users too. Mooglets Station is essentially the main hub for users wishing to purchase cute giftable items. Don't forget to attach a special message to the recipient!

If enough people purchase the same emoji then it’ll be added to the forum as a smiley. The person who buys the emoji gets to name it (so long as it is appropriate).

-Mascot Market:
The souls of FFF's mascots have been captured in sprite form and await your purchase! If three people group together to buy a sprite then the mascot will become a smiley.

-Smiley Outlet:
If enough people buy these items then they’ll grant a smiley to the forum.
A collaborative community effort is attached to these smileys (e.g. 3-5 members must make a purchase). This means that we see members help each other out (or devise wicked schemes together) and provide entertainment.

Buy and collect materia of different types. Collect the set to be eligible for the FF7 game in Gold Saucer. (May have other purposes in the future as well).

Visit here to see items which have already been purchased and no longer need to be stocked.

Ancient Forest:

Visit here if you want to purchase any of FFF’s special Final Fantasy sprites (created by Galadín). These are divided into categories based on the games which the characters appear in. Do remember to check again in the future as more may be added!
How many can you collect?

Stay tuned for an extra forum feature involving these sprites in the near future.

In the Build-a-Member Workshop you can commission a sprite of yourself! First you must buy the Build-a-Member item for 30 CT. Write out a description of yourself or send a photograph and the moogles will then get to work on assembling your sprite likeness! If you want to add accessories for the head, arms, or legs, then please purchase the relevant accessory item as well. Be creative!

-Member Sprites:
This is where the sprites end up once they have left the moogle assembly line, have successfully passed quality control, and are packaged and ready to send. People can then buy your finished sprite here for 50 CT.

Gold Outlet:

-Exchange Currency:
Come here for real-world items of actual monetary value! If you’ve carefully hoarded your Gold Points like a griffin then you might eventually spend them on a Gift Card worth $25. A copy of the FFVII Remake (the first chapter only) shall also be purchasable on a first come, first served basis. Make sure to read criteria to be eligible for purchase.

For any questions, feedback, suggestions, please use the MogShop: Feedback & Suggestions thread. If you are unsure about an item please contact an administrator before purchasing the item.
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$25 Gift Card has been purchased by @Six for 100 GP and has now been electronically delivered.

In a few months this will be refilled, so keep earning those GP! Few more items will be coming soon in Gold Outlet too.
Access to the Cerberus Guild can now be purchased via shop > FFFNET > Groups for 300 Gil.

Duration: 6 months, but you can re-purchase it again after it expires.

Once purchased, we will invite you to the guild where you can earn MogShop discounts, CT, and a bit of GP for completing goals and tasks.

Alliances and FFF FC are still not available, but we're looking to launch them next month.

Have fun!

We have made some additional updates to adjust cost with CT. Most of them are favorable, but here are the notes:

  • 10 CT for Colored Username
  • 5 CT for Thread Highlights
  • 15 CT for Post Bit Highlights
  • 20 CT for Username Change
  • 50 CT for One Infraction Removal

Thank you and that will be all the changes at this time.

- Shu
A new category called Mascot Market has been created. You can now buy sprite versions of the various monster mascots which have been featured in FFF special events.

Mascot Market:
The souls of FFF's mascots have been captured in sprite form and await your purchase! If three people group together to buy a sprite then the mascot will become a smiley.

Find it at:
MogShop > Moogle Station > Mascot Market

The following mascots have been added so far:
Barry the Behemoth
Terence the Tonberry
Carlos el Cactuar
Mortimer the Malboro
Andre the Adamantoise

They each cost 3 CT.
The eyeroll emoji :eyeroll: has been added to the system. You all can thank @Ross for purchasing the item for 20 CT.

Any additional emoji request you'd like to see in the shop are always welcome here.
The tearjoy emoji :tearjoy: has been added for 10 CT! What's next?
New items added in Gold Outlet shop! Hope you guys have been actively collecting GP these past few months!

FFXIV: Pot of Dye - 10 GP
FFXIV: Phial of Fantasia - 50 GP

Please read details before purchasing. These are strictly FFXIV items only. Gift cards will be refilled sometime next year. =]

Any feedback or suggestions for items you'd like to see in Gold Outlet shop in the future, please do so here.
It has been decided that the price for the Build-a-Member sprites was rather steep (at 30 CT).

Due to this I have adjusted the price to a more affordable price of 20 CT. It'll be easier to work towards getting a custom sprite of yourselves or your online personas now!

See here for details: http://www.finalfantasyforums.net/threads/63233-Build-A-Member-Workshop
MogShop > Gold Outlet update:

- Steam Gift Card (worth $5) item added for 25 Gold Points (GP). The gift code will be delivered electronically to your steam wallet. For more details on how the steam gift cards work: https://store.steampowered.com/digitalgiftcards/selectgiftcard
This item is currently out of stock, but do expect to have one in stock by Feb 17, 2018. First come, first serve.

- Gift Card ($25 towards Steam, Amazon, PSN, etc) will have one in stock this summer. More details later.

- FFF Photobook (Shutterfly) now available for purchase for 100 GP! Only one stock for now. What's that, you ask? For more info: http://www.finalfantasyforums.net/threads/63965-FFF-Photobook!

The photobook will be delivered to your address. Please allow some time for this to be delivered as it depends when there's a 50% sale (or a hefty discount applied) on Shutterfly.
Additional 50 CT + 1,000 Gil is required to purchase this. It will be manually adjusted from your account.

Just a reminder, don't forget to redeem your awards here: Milestone Awards
MogShop relaunched yesterday (June 2). If you guys haven't checked it out yet, feel free to do so here.

The layout changed drastically, as expected with the Xenforo 2 move.

Few notable changes:

-There is now an 'All Categories' tab per shop.
-Colored Username items now costs Gil instead of CT.
-Stream item type added. Purchasing this item (Cost: 500 Gil) will enable you to submit a channel to our Streams mod. Channel must be your own. All channels will go under a moderation queue, which will be reviewed by the staff so please give it some time before your channel is approved.
-Featured Steam Channel: Want to get featured? For 20 CT, purchase this item and an admin will highlight your channel under our Featured Streams tab for 90 days.
-Lost Dreams of the Unicorn (Volume 1): Own a digital copy of Roko Zaper's ( @redcloud9 ) graphic novel.

If you have any questions please let us know. :)
Following some recent purchases we have now added the following smilies:
Don Corneo :corneo: = : corneo: without spaces
Barry the Behemoth :barry: = : barry: without spaces
Carlos el Cactuar :carlos: = : carlos: without spaces


Be sure to check out this thread concerning the recent changes and what you can do.
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...And more!
It's almost as if someone has decided not to let their precious coin go to waste!

The following smilies have been added:
Terence the Tonberry :terence: = : terence: without the space.
Mortimer the Malboro :mortimer: = : mortimer: without the space.
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