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Dec 14, 2006
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Thread for MogShop suggestions or any questions, concerns that you may have. Please see MogShop Network for more information.
Mooglets Station Suggestion

You add some other characters............

like Aerith.


Also, Terra, Lightning, Edgar, Kefka, Sephiroth, and as many as possible!! :mokken:
Noted. ;)

We're trying to release them little by little so that members can look forward to the next series of characters, but eventually we'll get to Aerith. :ryan:
Haha, awesome. thank you, mits and whoever makes them. I just saw how good they were and was real sad there wasn't one for the ffvii queen :okay:
The next series (might have them up end of December - early January) won't have Aerith yet, but the 4th series will definitely include her.

Any other suggestions? I was actually rethinking the gift cards. Maybe rather than $5 just have a few $10 in stock. I don't really know if people would actually go for the $5 ones. :hmmm: Thoughts?
With the Christmas Steam sale coming up, people may go for the 5$ ones. I wouldn't know myself though, but it's an idea.
The thing with Steam, it's not possible to actually hand out just $5. The $5 ones are more geared towards Amazon, PayPal, iTunes (has to be U.S for me as I can't send outside U.S). When I bought iSmiff a Steam gift card, pretty sure they only had the $20 ones available. :hmmm: I guess that's what I meant with my question.

I'm down with keeping it though, but wanted to see what everyone else thinks.
I don't want to sound like an ass but, where can I read the info for the gift cards and stuff??
Stray Arrows

The only post I know of off hand with information regarding the gift cards is this one

Hope this is what you were looking for!
Just a little update!

Still currently working on the shop. As you all know, it's closed for the time being. Eventually I will make a new thread noting the changes, so do look out for that later this week. The main thing is to make the prices more reasonable for new members, while at the same time keeping our veterans coming back to shop for valuable items such as colored usernames.

There will be a few new items added. No word at this time. I like surprises. Don't you?

Anyway, if you guys have any feedback so far, or any suggestions, I'm open for business!
That has been disabled for now iSmiff.
I haven't been able to collect my interest in the mog bank :sad3:

Yeah about this...I might as well mention it now before I make an official announcement - this feature will no longer be available. The main approach is to actually make Gil valuable again, especially when it comes to events/contests that staff holds (which takes a lot of our time to organize)'s a little disheartening to see members being able to collect 300-1,000 Gil daily when our rewards for competitions are 300 Gil max (this has only now been reduced to 50 Gil max).

Basically, the system is still unbalanced between new members and veterans, but now that interest collection is out of the picture, it should get things back on track. Slowly, but surely. Members will still receive Gil rewards from events/contests and being active, but Gil won't rise up like crazy either. You spend, you lose some Gil. But you can gain a little back through effort. That's how life works, so I'd like for us to live our FFF lives this way from now on. :)

I should've done this last year when we did a little 'reset' (not really a reset but close enough). Prices in the shop (such as colored usernames) would've been a lot lower by then.
Alright guys, so here's the new updates:

Mogshop Network:

Gil and GP Currency System:

I deposited my Gil in the Bank (bar 25 Gil). This is my way of testing things out for a couple months just to see what kind of adjustments I might need to make with vBActivity (if necessary) and the item prices. So I'm your new registered user, scrapping for Gil... (fortunately, I got one item in the shop before I did my 'Gil reset'). I won't be retrieving the Gil in my bank either - this is a clean slate for me.

If you would like to join me, feel free. :awesome:
So after testing the update back in November up until now, I will be making some necessary changes in MogShop, therefore the feature is currently down until further notice. I expect it might take at least a week.

In addition to this, we will be bringing in a new form of currency called Community Tokens. It's to balance the Gil versus GP system a bit. Preferably, I would like the GP to be strictly monetary value (adding more stuff related to FFXIV as well) so that I can keep a close eye on it. Having bigger forum rewards mixed in with monetary value (GP) can be rather tricky for me. Once someone make that first gift card purchase, I plan on bringing the GP prices down.

CT will be the bigger forum rewards, basically. I won't spoil any surprises, but this won't be attached to gift cards/game purchases.

Gil currency: due to the strict 50 Gil rewards limit for contests and such, adjustments will be made in terms of pricing to make items relatively affordable for newbies as well.

If you guys have any questions or feedback, please comment. Feel free to toss some requests of items you'd like to see in MogShop.
For info regarding Gil and Bank updates

I'm putting a deadline and making sure that MogShop is back up and running by Monday, preferably sooner. I'm still waiting on Fil to fix a new item that we might put in the shop, but there's some technical issues at the moment.

Still need to add a few more items as well and figure out pricing, so it's taking longer than expected.

@Dionysos might also have some new stuff for us, but we'll see!

Appreciate the patience.
Few updates and slight change of plan happening soon.

Shop will be back up as planned in a few hours so that members can transfer some of their Gil from the Bank. Please remember the 5,000 limit in your wallet for the time being until August 1st. If you go a little over 5,000 Gil during the whole process this week (via posting, making threads, etc), this is fine. Some of you won't be affected at all if you have less than 5,000 Gil anyway and have 0 Gil in the Bank.

Members will have until July 29th (Friday) to transfer Gil.

Now the fun part.

The shop re-opening later today will be treated as a teaser of what's to come in August 1st...meaning, the shop won't actually be available for any purchases yet. At least not until August 1st. In fact, the shops will be disabled for now (this is a lot easier than editing each item manually...which will only put more work on our plate.) Okay, so not exactly a teaser of sorts.

As new ideas and plans of development are underway, this pushed us back a bit, though in a good way! New items are still being created and we still have to double-check the item type (description, configuration, pricing, permissions, etc) among other things. So this week we are giving ourselves more time to continue working on the shop and other ideas and features that correspond with the shop itself.

On Friday 29th we plan to permanently disable the Bank feature, then proceed to close the shop again this weekend (30th-31st) as we finalize setup and everything. It may or may not be necessary - it's hard to say at this point in time, so we'll see. If things go smoothly, shop will be back up for business by August 1st!

As for the Community Tokens, please view the updated Currency System for more info. Any questions about the currency, please let us know here! We have no plans of handing out Community Tokens at this time; it will have to wait until August 1st.

Thank you so much for your patience and we apologize that it's taking longer than we previously anticipated.
I'm not sure where to put this but.... what about our gil we've earned? does it get converted? do we get compensation? I think I have around 4k in gil and I'm curious is that just gonna vanish?
I'm not sure where to put this but.... what about our gil we've earned? does it get converted? do we get compensation? I think I have around 4k in gil and I'm curious is that just gonna vanish?

You have 4k Gil in the bank and only 4 Gil in your wallet. You can withdraw all of your Gil from your bank you'll still be within the 5,000 Gil limit.

You should be fine. As Gil stands this wont affect you at all. Don't forget to withdraw your Gil from the bank though as the bank will be closing.

As for the question of compensation, for those who are affected there are compensation options open should people want them (see here).

I appreciate that it might seem harsh pulling back to 5,000 Gil when some people have Gil in the ten thousands, but the reason is because we had a bit of an inflation problem here. We want to make Gil relevant again. People had so much Gil that Gil itself became worthless. I'm no economist but that's essentially what happened. Prices in the shops will now match the new value of Gil as a currency.
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