FFX-2 Lovers Reincarnated?

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Oct 30, 2008
Rinoa Heartilly
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So, Yuna and Tidus are basically reincarnations of Shuyin and Lenne, right? I haven't played the game since 2005 so I may have forgotten some important details, but from what I always understood, Tidus and Yuna were reincarnations (without actually being called that in the game) of Shuyin and Lenne. If I'm wrong can someone please explain how (even in a FF game) both pairs ended up looking the same and living the exact lives (almost).
Well I could maybe see the Reincarnation for either Yuna or Tidus but not both. I would say more Yuna. Why? Tidus was a dream at first remember, made by the Fayth. At best Tidus would be considered maybe a copy or a clonish type of Shuyin, for the best explaination is that one of the fayth dreaming of Tidus must have seen an image of Shuyin at one point in time and made Tidus look like him.

As far as Yuna goes, not really sure, there is no real similarities, but for whatever reason the dress sphere for Lenne reacted to Yuna overall so maybe there might be some weird connection there... but unless Square tells us this would all be speculation.
I wouldn't say that they have been re-incarnated. To be honest there is no proof that Tidus actually existed at any point in time, no recovered spheres actually had him in it by the looks of it. He could simply be a figment of imagination (how often have you had a dream and dreamed of a fictional character?) - Son of legendary blitzball star, sounds like a blue-print if anything.

Leanne was a summoner and so was yuna... and that's about where they're similarities stop (unless you want to count the hair but even that's a bit of a stretch.
They're personalities are quite different, Leanne is a songstress but Yuna wasn't, Leanne was from Zanarkand and by the look of it pure sprian in blood, Yuna is not.
Tidus plays blitzball but was never a guardian or anything like that in his life in Zanarkand where as Shuyin by the look of it was a guardian at one point. (remember this is post Tidus becoming real)
after becoming real, yes you could argue they are the same/similar, but i would disagree. I can't imagine Tidus would want to destroy an entire city in order to save Yuna, he would know that went against Yuna's wishes from the get go. Also his personality isn't the time to do genocide like that either.

They look the same which is the whole point and basis for the story of FFX-2, but other then that... not much to be honest
I don't recall reincarnation to be a part of FFX mythos at any point though. There's nothing in the games that would imply this. Also as far as dream Zanarkand goes, I thought that it isn't so much a perfect simulation of the real deal but rather a romanticiation. Dream Zanarkand has been arround for a millenia in the game, so I believe that while a dream Shuyin might have existed at some point, the Tidus we know would be kind of like a descendant. The similarities being the fayth repeating their memories over and over again, so even new people would resemble the old ones.
Or something like that. There really isn't that much information in the game regarding the dream world's inner workings.