Let's Play Final Fantasy 3! (Pixel Remaster)


Dec 22, 2009
Chocobo Egg
Tifa Lockhart
Sabin's Tent
Final Fantasy 3
Hey there folks, let's see how a new party makes its way around the world, looking for the crystals of light!
Here's the opening and Youtube playlist:

We'll kick things off tomorrow properly and have daily uploads :).

Thanks for watching! See you in a bit! :)
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Episode 1 - Playing With Onions

Hey there folks! Today we're kicking off a brand new adventure! With 4 newly named onion knights in tow, can we make it through the opening dungeon?

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Episode 2 - It's Like A Ghost Town

Hey there folks! Today we check out our first town: Urgh! I mean...Ur! We're also given our overall objective for the game. Among other stuff, we have that rarity where we obtain our airship within the first hour of the game! Who'd have thought.

Thanks for watching! See you in a bit! :)
Episode 3 - The Original Sealed Cave

Hey peoples! More ghost people at Castle Sasune, but maybe we can actually find a hint here on how to solve this conundrum? Away to the Sealed Cave! Only in this game we can use metal. Thank fe*k!

Thanks for watching! See you soon! :)
Episode 4 - Dragons And Little People

Hey there folks, today we have a few new areas but none are more unique than the town of little people. This is where mini comes into its element!

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Episode 5 - A Water Temple Most Serene

Hey there peoples, does anyone else get FF5 vibes from Vikings' Cove? There's an early area in that game that feels almost exactly the same. In that regard, I feel like FF3 is a big prototype for FF5, both being worth a play.

Also, there's the Nepto Temple! I love the aesthetic of this place. To be fair, FF3 does water stuff amazingly well. More of that to come!

Thanks for watching! See you in a bit! :)
Episode 6 - Village Of The Ancients

Hey peoples, I can't get over how many original ideas come from this game, that return improved in later games. Village of the Ancients being the one that jumps out at me today!

P.S. Who is Owen?

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Episode 7 - In Aid Of The Dwarves

Hi! Today we're checking out a few new areas that we have access to in the outer seas. Specifically, the dwarves are in need of help and we're obviously going to help! It's nothing to do with us wanting to reach the fire crystal. No sir. Not at all.

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Episode 8 - Rooted In Place

Hey folks, today we're locked away in a pretty unique prison. It's actually an interesting design compared with prisons in other games! Here's looking at you Ys 9!


Episode 9 - Iron Boots Not Included

Hey peoples, so we're heading on over to the flooded world! So much water stuff today, with a new take on the water temple (iron boots not necessary thankfully) and the cave of tides! Anything for a pretty, pixelated lady, am I right?

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Episode 10 - Gold Sweet Gold!

Hey peoples, today we're making our way through some sewers that I normally wouldn't like but the bald men really improve it lmao. They're just pure heroes, aren't they?

We also check out Goldor Manor without even a thought to steal a few bricks and live like Kings. Our party aren't the brightest...

Thanks for watching! See you in a wee bit! :)
Episode 11 - Legend Of Dragoon

Hey peoples, today we check out a few towns that each relate to a new job class (geomancer, summoner etc) and progress the main story by heading to the town related to the dragoon: Saronia! More on that next time!

Thanks for watching!
Episode 12 - Fairytale Cave

Why hello there! Into the mushroom-filled cave we go, where everything is huge and not to be eaten. Tread lightly and watch for those raindrops! Maybe we'll even reach the end of a rainbow without meeting the mighty giant.

(Experiences may vary).

Thanks for watching! :)
Episode 13 - Zantetsuken Upon A Horse

Hi there people of the interwebs, today we're checking out a few optional dungeons and I get the distinct impression that we're taking them on too early; one in particular lmao.

Either way, first up is the Sunken Cave, where you get some incredible equipment for knights as your reward (other items too of course). Let's not forget those all-important bestiary entries too!

Next are the Saronia Catacombs, leaving us to take on Odin! Now this is a fight that I'm not prepared for level-wise lmao. I can't be arsed to come back so it's time to put my most special skill to the test: my mighty stubbornness! At least zantetzuken doesn't insta-kill us, eh? Ha...

That's about it for today! Thanks so much for watching! See you in a wee bit! :)