KupoCon Pomingham Palace (London 2018) SOLD OUT in 24 Hours!

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KupoCon Pomingham Palace (London 2018) SOLD OUT in 24 Hours!
If you blinked yesterday then you likely missed it!

There was a massive rush on tickets for KupoCon’s second London event (named Pomingham Palace) which is to take place on February 3rd, 2018. Tickets went live for purchase at 2:00 pm GMT and the majority of tickets sold within a number of hours after a feeding frenzy by fans.

24 hours later and ALL tickets were sold.

Firstly, KupoCon should be congratulated for a sell-out which is absolutely deserved. KupoCon far exceeded the expectations of Final Fantasy fans attending the first two events. High interest for Pomingham Palace is no surprise at all, but the speed at which the tickets were sold is absolutely mind-bending! We hope this shall serve as a confidence boost which can lead to many more KupoCons in the future.

We are gutted that FFF staff have unfortunately missed out on tickets this time (I myself was at work when the tickets were being snapped up, regrettably), but how many FFF members managed to grab one? I see on Facebook that some of you have listed yourselves as ‘attending’. If you are one of these people, let us know!

For those who missed out, there is a waiting list which you can put yourselves on (here).

Strangely, the Pomtario event (taking place in Toronto, Canada, on 3rd December 2017) has not sold out yet despite being on sale since April 10th! There is still a secure chance for you to purchase a ticket to KupoCon for this event (here).

Remember to use FFF’s special discount of 11% off by using the promotional code ‘FFF’ when you purchase your tickets.

We look forward to what the future may hold for KupoCon, and shall continue to await updates on the upcoming events!


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