Kingdom Hearts III is a 2018 release - also, we're off to Toy Story world!


It will five years after Kingdom Hearts III was officially announced, but Sora and friends will return in 2018, confirms Square Enix. In the meantime, you can enjoy this new trailer of the game and the confirmation that Pixar's Toy Story will be one of the game's worlds. You're used to Tom Hanks voicing Woody, but have you ever heard Japanese Woody?

Up: English subs.

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I just saw the trailer and I have to say that I am satisfied with how it turn out. Square Enix did a outstanding job with this world. The heartless toy figures looks extremely well. I like how they kept it as original as the movie by letting you walk around the house, jump out of the window and get inside the toy figures. I also like the moves they created for Sora by utilizing toy parts as a weapon. This new world looks more realistic and original than I imagine. That's very unique. Looking forward to see more new worlds to be revealed.