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Aug 6, 2016
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I really love drawing, my only problem is that I was never fully satisfied with them. But now I don't try to push mself too hard, and this way I enjoy drawing much more than ever before!C:

I've been also playing role palying games in a forum since 2006. It started as a Naruto RPG forum, but in time we outgrew and now has an original concept. (A kind of old, traditional Japanese world with lots of fantasy elements.)

I have a lot of characters there, and usually I draw them, but I decided to draw them a normal character sheet (my older drawings about them are really ugly...), so it's my priority now. I thought I would like to share a finished character art (half body + 2 face expressions + weapon design) and some WIPs (work inprogress drawings) with you. I know I'm just a hobby artist with nothing significant talent, but I hope you will like my works.

This is Mamono Jigoku, she was my first character in our forum:
(The sign near her name is her clan's symbol.)

She uses a katana, you can see the sword, the saya (the case) and the design of its cross-guard here:

And I have another character's character sheet in black and white:
(He is Nilo, my vampire prince <3 He will have his weapon design, too.)

And some other (plain color) half body drawings I will use to their character sheets:
First, Gensai Takashi, who started as an NJK. He was originally the father of my second girl character, Maka, but later I got attached to him and then he became a normal character. All you need to know about him that he is an a**hole. But really xD

He is Taira Nobuyuki (his nickname is Yuki). He is a blind warrior who became a (kind of) shinto priest after he lost his eyesight. But he is the master of illusions and can live without seeing his surroundings. (Based on his experiences and working sense perception, he can create an illusion in his brain about his environment. So even though he is blind, he can "see".)

And finally another black'n'white drawing about Riku, my yakuza leader. She is a girl, however was raised as a boy (and everybody believes that Riku is a boy) to be able to become the leader of the Wakahisa gang.
ahhhhh I love your designs! I wish I was able to do that ;___; all I do is draw fanart haha, looking forward for more posts!
It's always nice when you have the ability to draw characters that you create. It's always spot on compared to have to "search for the right fit" to portray a made up character.

Great work, Jigo! :D
Thank you very much!!>////<
I'm so happy that you like my drawings!

I really like to draw, I just feel I lack the skills to draw the way I imagine. I mean he final drawing usually differs from the perfect (mangaka-drawn) masterpiece I imagine x,D
But I'm glad that I reached a level where I'm able to draw my characters!:D At the beginning I just searched for other artists' drawings and I "used" in my characters' data/information page if I found a similar character. It was easier to explain to my friends how my character looks if there was a similar character. But I felt guilty to use another artist's work... even if I didn't do anything illegal like earning money from they hard work. But it just wasn't fair I think. I mean it was necessary that time but I really felt guilty. And I felt that my relationship with my own characters are not as deep as it should be. But now I can draw them exactly as I imagined them (even if the quality of my drawings is far from perfect and my style can't be considered as mature, but my drawings contain all my feelings and they show my ideas/sensation in connection to my characters). I sometimes use reference to draw a pose I find difficult, but there are a lot of cases when I draw by head (which is pretty difficult I think).