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Mar 15, 2011
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ALL CHARACTERS FROM Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts are usuable! OC's are welcome!!!! Ansem, Xemnas, and Riku-Ansem are mine.

Template: Name:
Age: [Non-humane heartless don't require age]
Gender: [Non-humane heartless don't require one]
Race: [Human, Half breed(Human/heartless), Nobody, Heartless, Dark being (E.G Riku-Ansem)]
Weapon(s): [Please be logical, shadows cannot carry giant claymores...]
Skills/Spells: [Abilities and such here including summoning and limits]
Homeworld: [Where your character came from Or where your heartless can be found]
Personality: [Non-humane heartless don't require one]
Attire: [magic armor etc, be creative]
Organization XIII?: Are you in Organization XIII? (Nobodies only)

No godmodding, powerplaying, metagaming, etc. Those who join must be used to these by now. If not, look them up!
5-6 sentences at least per post PLEASE!!
If you break these rules 3 times you will be booted.

Ok, so the story goes like this:

Xemnas is walking into darkness as he is slowly fading away, he sees a figure standing next to him. The figure holds a ball of darkness and shoots it at Xemnas. With the bit of power he has left Xemnas dodges the attack and takes out his weapons. He tries to strike the foe but the unknown being takes out a keyblade of darkness. As Xemnas comes closer to the man he stops and looks at him and questions,

Xemnas: I...I feel like we have meet before you

???: I am a part of you, I am Ansem, Seeker of Darkness I can help you!

Xemnas is still fading away into darkness after his battle with Sora, he needs help before he dies.

Xemnas: Not from you.....

Ansem: You don't see it do you? We can work with each other live in a world of darkness nobody and heartless alike.

Xemnas: You're right I will help you but only if you do two things for me; one bring back Organization 13, and two help me kill Sora.

Ansem: I will, it should be easy enough...

Ansem heals Xemnas and then they use their combined power to bring back each Organization 13 member and they explain to them what they have to do.

We now go back to Sora he is asleep and is having a dream.
In his dream he is fighting an Organization 13 member. As the fight goes on Sora gets hit time after time by his opponent until finally Sora is hit with the final blow.
He wakes up and sees Roxas standing next to him.
Roxas tells Sora that a dark age is coming and that he has to go and he leaves.
Just then Riku comes in and tells Sora that Xigbar and Xaldin are attacking their home and he needs his help.

Sora runs off with Riku to fight, Leon is fighting heartless and nobodies and he and his friends get ambushed and trapped by heartless. Cloud comes running in and starts attacking all the heartless and nobodies, eventually the group starts forcing the heartless back, that is until Zexion, Sephiroth and Saïx come for a fight.

And here is where it begins...
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Apr 24, 2007
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Looks good to me, here is my Bio, i will be using an original character.

Name: Stephen
Age: 20 years
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Weapon(s): The Oathkeeper Keyblade
Keyblade Boomerang; Stephen throws his Keyblade, and it travels around in an arc before returning to Stephen.

Launch; Stephen strikes upwards at his foe Launching them into the air.

Jump Strike; Stephen crouches and then jumps high into the air after either a flying foe or a foe who has been Launched, and slashed at them whilst in mid-air.

Oath follower; This is Stephen's limit break, he unleashes a 6 blow combo, then uses Launch, Jump strike and Keyblade boomerang one after the other to finish the combo off.

Homeworld: Traverse town
Personality: Stephen follows a moral code that bids him against the heartless and Nobodies in all of his battles, he always fights with thee side of good no matter what.

Appearance: Stephen's Entire body is covered in black armour his face being on show, he has brown hair that sits spiky, his Armour Contradicts both his personality and his Keyblade and although his appearance is that of somebody who is Evil through to his Core, Stephen is a warrior of good.

Attire: Stephens armour is all that he wears, asides a pair of cloth trousers underneath his armour, for comfort more than anything else.

Bio: Stephen has lived in Traverse town all of his life, and was always interested in what Leon and his companions have been doing, and then when he became a Keyblade wielder they became interested in him, Stephen's armour is something he inherited from his father, Stephen only used to wear Cloth outfits, and once his father passed away, he has worn nothing else.

his father was a man of Shady character and thus the reason for the black armour. Stephen couldn't Stand his father's ways, but loved the man non the less, and upon his death Stephen vowed to wear his fathers armour everyday for the Rest of his life.

Hope everything is okay, let me know if you want anything changed.