Inspirations from FF games?


Oct 6, 2006
Did any of those all those Final Fantasy games inspired you in any way?Like change yourself or take up anything?
Why and how did it inspire you?
All the cool special effects used in attacks/limit breaks/summons/etc. really influenced my artistic style with photoshop. Square-Enix's ability to tell a memorable adventure also helped me with various works of fiction for my classes in middle and high school, too.
When I was younger I craved a gunblade and buster sword to play with and the various sword techniques used in FF games have inspired me to take up sword fighting as a hobby that has now manifested in to a way to achieve discipline and focus in my life, I practice almost everyday........not on people though lol!
FFIX, Vivi in particular, inspired me to live life to the fullest, and not to take a single day for granted. Because you never know how much time you have left, and you never know when you're going to die. So suck it up, face forward, and have fun. :D

Also, it inspired me to because a Mage. Because Mages are awesome. :mokken:
I think FF actually got me interested in the fantasy genre in general; I don't remember actually watching very many movies or reading books in the genre prior to playing IV. I think I was about 10 or 11 at the time so it was a pretty influential stage, and I remember doing nothing in my spare time but playing that one and VI over and over as a form of escapism into the fantasy world. But I would also try to play some songs from the soundtracks on my keyboard and draw my own pictures of the characters, so it influenced my artistic side quite a bit too. And looking at some things I've written now I can definitely see some FF-influenced things there as well, mainly the idea of having stories with multiple main characters and that aren't particularly linear.
ummm Final Fantasy got me into reading. I never use to read, but i would always want to play video games. Playing Final Fantasy VII made me read alot...i think i was only 7 years old when that first come out. After finishing that game i couldnt wait to play VIII. Ever since the final fantasy game series i have enjoyed reading. Also, since i saw Advent Children...i started to put gel in my hair haha...
Final Fantasy taught me that no matter how hard life gets, it'll all pick up in the end and you'll come out 10x stronger than you started. By that I mean, you'll be 99 levels higher and your strength will be 255...

In all seriousness, I believe in everything before "By that I mean,". It also taught me that you need friends. :D
FF gave me inspiration in creating sigs and making some poems.. and I dont really read a lot and I dont even like listening to music but ever since I played FF VII and IV.. I started reading different books and dictionaries and I also started listing to music.. even classical music...
Final Fantasies haven't practically inspired me yet, but...

Final Fantasy's music is so beautiful, especially piano songs. Uematsu's work is awesome and one of my dreams is to learn how to play piano. To be able to play at least one of those songs of FF games, I'd be more than happy. As soon as I get into university and have a job, I'm going to save some for piano lessons :) Also my friend has played piano his whole life, he could help.
The music from the FF games has inspired me to try learn them on the keyboard, which is definitely nice to the ears, and I always seem happier for a while after getting a new FF game. xD

Like with Final Fantasy XIII now, I'm really into it, and can hardly wait to reach Gran Pulse. Certain aspects of some of the FF games inspire some things about my characters I created for RPing and that I could write some story for.

Crimson Wolf for example, thinking of his personality, it reminds me oddly of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII or Auron from Final Fantasy X. Like Cloud, he has lost some of those whom he cared a great deal about, but he doesn't go around with some "don't care/not interested" attitude about things like he would at times, but is more willing to help, and his will and confidence do not waver as his does.

And Sophia, when I think of her, I think of Aerith, whom is of course from Final Fantasy VII. Sophia has much of an innocence about her, and is not at all fond of fighting, and something unlike Aerith, she doesn't fight at all, but while she doesn't know any magic yet either, the potential is there to learn some curative and protective spells. =P

In other words, Final Fantasy has inspired me to...enter deep into thought, thinking up different things in my head as a result, such is what my brain is there to do. :wacky: Very often in FF games, I would get pretty into the characters, I think that was a big factor of what it is about it that inspires me more than anything else about it. :)