Image Hosting

Kim Taehyung

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Nov 30, 2006
What site do you prefer to host your images? Tinypic? Photobucket? Imageshack? Or do you prefer your own site, kinda like Jim does? I, myself, have images hosted in both Tinypic and Photobucket. But recently, some of my Tinypic images have been deleted with no warning, and they didn't even violate the terms of use. :hmph: So now, I'm honestly just adding all my images to my DeviantArt page and adding the IMG tags myself.

What site do you prefer? Any tips to provide to avoid image deletion and whatnot?
I've always used Photobucket, ever since I was about 11 years old. The images I uploaded never got deleted and it seems I could never exceed the storage amount even if I tried. I usually don't trust sites like TinyPic, and I used to put the things I uploaded on my old LiveJournal account, but I even ended up quitting that and just went back to PB. Funny thing is, I have 3 accounts on it already [made the third one last week to get more organized. l0l] and sometimes I have to check back on my old accounts to look for really old files I've posted .
Tinypic primarily. I have used Imageshack and Photobucket earlier on to store miscellaneous images, but the few pieces of GFX I have accomplished are on Tinypic. I can't actually remember why I started using Tinypic despite the fact it has a few annoyances, but seeing as I already have an account on it with quite a collection of files, I've kept using it since. No real problems with Tinypic yet for me.

Well, I use all of those listed, and deviantart. Of course my gfx is on photobucket, and I use tinypic/imageshack for pictures of myself, but sometimes I really prefer just using Photobucket because it makes things just so much easier for myself, and others who use my work. Plus, I like looking at the photobucket site :wacky:.
I wish I knew what to use. I've used Photobucket since the very beginning. I've been debating whether or not to transfer my stuff to something that's as organized as photobucket, but has less hassle. I'm honestly getting sick of it. I had to make a new account 'cause I was reaching the limit, which annoyed me, because I'm OTT about having my works on two different accounts, but I ALSO don't wanna keep it all on my computer. ¬.¬

I've considered tinypic, but it's just not me.

So I'm just fussing until I find what I like I guess. Guess I'll be using Photobucket for now.
I used to use PhotoBucket, but when concerns about people using personal image hosting accounts came about for SOTWs (since you could read the image url and recognize the host name or something), I was directed towards tinypic, and it's what I've been using since personally. I don't even use it to look for pics-it's purely for uploading for me.
imageshack by a miiiiiiiiiiile

reasons why

photobucket will delete accounts thats have been inactive for a certain periods of time.
Tiny pic is alrite but everytime you upload something you have to enter the stupid code you see on the screen which is just a pain in the aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarse.
image shack is quick and easy to use, upload multiple images at a time without any issues.
I've started to hate Photobucket with a flaming passion recently, seeing as it's deleted some precious photos and graphics work that I've been keeping in there and have kept in there for years.

I've recently switched to imgur because of a suggestion by Adamant. So far it's been running smoothly and there's not as much hassle as there's rarely an ad or a multitude of ads to slow the site down.
Photobucket is also pissing me the fuck off as of recently. You now have to log in once every 3 months now or they block your images. I don't use it anymore, so now something so small is a slight pain in the ass. I used to upload a lot of RoM images there, but now they started uploading them OUT OF ORDER, messing up my time line completely.

So I now use tinypic. I can only upload 5 images at a time, but I'm quite alright with that. They upload in order, and I don't have to worry about not logging in for longer periods of time. :grin:
When I started making GFX, I had no idea how to post images at all so I just googled image hosting and saw tinypic at the top and it's just stuck.

It is a bit annoying entering the code all the time but I've never had trouble with it at all. I only use a signature for a couple of weeks anyway and then change it.

Plus, I have a copy of all my GFX along with the PSD file for most of them on my computer. I wouldn't trust an online hosting site with them.
Mine's changed.

I often only use Imgur and my DeviantArt account anymore.

I think those two sites are great. Imgur for uploading work that needs to stay anonymous, and then move it over to DeviantArt when you can publish it. DeviantArt is obviously the safest place to upload your graphic work without it being "hidden" or removed if you don't have paid image host accounts. :lew: