Original I Remember


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Aug 18, 2017
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I remember the way your eyes shone with pride when I told you about my newest accomplishment at school. I remember the things you taught me about life, from how to build a shed all the way to how to read a clock. I remember the way you smiled as you waved goodbye to me that day. I remember that I didnt wave back. I remember I was angry. I remember that I was stupid. I remember thinking that I didnt need to wave. I was only going away for the weekend after all, saying goodbye would have been silly, It wasnt like I would never see you again right?


I remember that night in surprising clarity, Despite the years that have passed since then. Despite the time that has faded almost all of my other memories. I remember the quiver in my mothers voice as she woke me. I remember the room was flashing red and blue, I remember the sight of the police poking their head into the room. I remember my mother crying as she told me. I remember that you died in a motorcycle accident. Despite everything I remember there are important things that I have forgotten. I dont remember your voice, and I never will hear it again. I dont remember your touch, and I will never feel it again. I dont know if you would still love me, But I hope so Dad