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Jun 17, 2007
Wouldn't you like to know?
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Andre the Adamantoise
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Hi guys,

We've figured out a workaround for the spam/latest replies issue. If you click the drop-down next to "Newest Replies", it will display some other infopanel options. We've created another infopanel for newest replies that includes spam coliseum and other no post count forums (called Newest Replies (spam included). So those that want to see spam in their newest replies can select that one and those who don't can leave the default one selected.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
Thank you @wethestaff for standing for your duty.
This isn't the fix the techies were looking into actually. This is something I figured out while playing around in the ACP. :lew:
I'm not sure if that infopanel customization is needed now but if you guys still want it, we can let them know. It will be a while before it becomes available though.
I was just gunna moan about this again too then like magic your thread just came from naewhere

Nice one =)
I just realised you have to click it every time you come back to the site. At least i do. Im not complaning, its just a bit bothersome
Big Casino, I don't have to do that. :hmmm: Are you auto signed in? Aka do you have to enter your password each time you visit the site?
I have to do this on my phone for some strange reason :hmmm: but on my computer it does it automatically :hmmm:
Naw im signed in as soon as i visit the site. Its no big deal at all tbh i just thought id mention it incase its happening to someone else and they wanna change it back to show spam.
Posts in the Vets' lounge don't appear in the 'New posts' thing.
they never have. i've always assumed that's something to do with the vets usergroup and how the newest replies thing is set up. it would be handy to have that sorted out as well
I thought that we could previously. I don't remember not being able to see posts in the newest posts bit before I was banned. I thought it was to do with some of the changes to the forum and stuff that happened when I was in the big house.
i use this, and new posts by other people in home theatre don't appear :hmmm:

Just tested and it works, though I didn't do anything. But I checked the settings and the block for Newest Replies (Spam Included) should be included. Basically, there isn't a single forum/sub-forum excluded for this one, so everything should appear. :hmmm:
Not in the newest replies but in the new posts/what's new thing. The thing that is usually under the Home thing.