Tech How fast is your internet?

I have no knowledge about this...

Yeah, fuck your internet, Mark -__-
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Yeah yeah I know, at least it isn't dial-up. We had that for the longest time >.<

difference between download and upload isnt as extreme

I see some have fast download. But their upload stinks.
Erm lolwut

This is only because i moved a while ago and for some reason my internet speed dropped like 5MB/s i only moved like a 2 min walk away...

ahh well im moving again in like 5 weeks

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Holy shit mine's fucking slow, no wonder i get so much lag sometimes.

Fucking gay, i'm gonna upgrade soon. =/
Wow Cerberus X, that's terrible. o_O

This is my so-called 20MB high-speed broadband.
sadly my net derps because it on wifi.... but I guess these speeds are ok