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Hello, everyone!:D

I'm JigoKuu (or Katalin in "real life").
I'm a 21-year-old Hungarian university student. I learn Japanese language and culture (my major is Japanese Philology) and can speak English as well (my language knowledge is far from perfect, so I'm sorry for my mistakes!).

I really love everything related to Japan, especially the Japanese popculture. I've been watching anime since I was a kid, and thanks to this, I first heard about Final Fantasy in 2007, when I read an article about Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children in our national anime/manga related magazin. That time I had no idea what FF is, but I fell in love with Advent Children, it was love at first sight (or rather reading, because I watched it around 2009 if I remember right). The article was so great that Advent Children became my favourite film (even though I watched it just later. Is it even possible to fell in love with something you didn't even watch, but read an article about?XD It's a "little" strange. But I am strange, too. So it's okay, I guess. It's a kind of... strangely romantic :D) Later I was able to watch it, and I fell in love with it again. And then again and again as I rewatched it. I watched it with English dub, both the normal and the complete version. And every time I hear and OST or watch a part of this movie, I'm in love.

I was thinking about playing with FF games, but I didn't know anything about them. I had no friends who know FF, either... but I rewatched Advent Children about a half year ago (with Japanese dub this time). And I realised (again xD) that I love it so much! It's simply brilliant, so unique, so special and creative and... brilliant!!! And I decided that I will start playing with FF games. I want to know more (much more!) about this fantastic world. I really would like to become a part of it. So when I had the chance, I bought some of the games. (A really kind boy sold his games, and he had some GBA version FF games. I realised that my Nintendo DS Lite can play GBA games... and I couldn't hold myself back. There was no return xD But really, who would do such a thing to sell FF games?! Okay, I know, life is hard sometimes... :( )

All in all, I started to play with FFI, and I would like to play all the FF games! I would like to see how it all started, how the games change by time... I want to know and experience everything!C,:
I later finished FFI, and although it was really hard, I still love it! I started FFII, and it's so great to see the development, the changes! I love it more than FFI. I hope I can just continue playing with FF games and fell in love with them as much as I could with Advent Children!

After finishing FFII, I would like to play FFVII. It'll be a big change/jump after FFI and FFII, but I really would like to play with that legendary game. I hope I won't be disappointed (my espectations are really high I guess ><), but I think I will love it.

Thank you very much for reading all of it! I'm glad that I can be here where everybody loves Final Fantasy. I would like to talk to you a lot, make friends and play more!^^
welcome to FFF!! glad to have you around! and you should start FFVII immediately!! it's the best one in my opinion :') if you have any questions let us know, enjoy your time around here \o/
Welcome to the forums!

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot one of the staff members a message! :D
Oh man, FFII. Awful. xD I would personally skip straight to the fourth game, but I can see why you would want to play the games in order.

Welcome to the forums, Katalin. =)
Thank you very much!>///<
I'm so happy that I can be here! I've been reading topics related to FFI and FFII in the las few weeks, but it took me time (and a little courage xD) to register. I registered to my national FF forum, too, but there are hardly anyone. It makes me so sad, I'm sooo enthusiastic and it's so bad I can't talk to anyone there... :(

Linnaete said:
Oh man, FFII. Awful. xD I would personally skip straight to the fourth game, but I can see why you would want to play the games in order.

Hahaha, really?:D I mean... I know what you mean, the story isn't as great as it could be, and the characters aren't detailed either, but it's still really refreshing after the (literally) no story and characters you can find in FFI x,D But I still like FFI, too. It's old, sometimes strange, give you absolutely no information about where you should go next (I think I've never ever used online walkthroughs as much as I needed them while playing FFI :,D), but pretty interesting. And FII is a great development compared to FFII. It's true that I started playing them by knowing that they won't be as epic as FFVII can be, but I still would like to play these old games (I'm sooo curious!). And FFIII, too! But thank you for the hint! Then I should prepare to have a great (more overwhelming and epic) game if I reach FFIV?:D
Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay and please don't feed either Cabbage or Shace paissa as they're on strict diets of no food, no water
Haha, you're cute. I love your enthusiasm for Advent Children. That was a fun read. =P

I'm so glad that you finally registered so that you can join us here. I think that you'll fit right in with us!

I would love to tell you more about the FF games, but I think starting with FF7 soon would be a good choice, especially considering that the FF7 remake has been announced. I recommend that you play the old FF7 first, then go in order from there if you want. I'm really excited that you're taking this journey and possibly become one of the biggest FF fans out there! I mean, if you love FFI and FFII... wait until you get a chance to play the other games. :O

Anyway, I hope to see you around! If you need help or have any questions about the forums, please don't hesitate to leave us a message. You can also chill with the rest of the gang in the shoutbox if you're up for it. ;)
Hi Jigo! In terms of wanting to play FF7, I'd just go in expecting a game that's very dated, but with a great story and characters. If you like older FFs (as you seem to) then you know mostly what you're getting yourself into (just this is more cinematic and has more story lol).

Bah! I'm bad at this! See you around! :lew:

P.S. NeroTrinityX - I'll drink your blood instead of food and water if you like??? :gasp2:
OMG wow, I haven't watched Advent Children since it came out years ago. :lew: Hopefully, when you get to it, you'll catch Kingsglaive; it's created by the same team behind AC. ^_^

Anyway, hello and welcome!
Welcome to Final Fantasy Forum! We appreciate you on joining our community. Please feel free to post anything related to the series. Hope that you stay active and enjoy the forum. Any question feel free to ask the staff member.