Has Terra Branford from VI actually ever had a real love interest?


Dec 11, 2018
Terra Branford never actually seem to have a real love interest in Final Fantasy VI or any of the Final Fantasy spin-offs for that matter. I actually prefer her not having any real love interests, since she doesn't seem like the romantic type and not every main character needs a love interest in order to be a well written main character.
Terra doesn't need a love interest.

In fact, I'd argue that many characters don't need love interests. I don't like it when games force romance into the plot if it doesn't really fit the story or have any relevance. I sometimes find that romantic storylines in fiction are unbelievable, but maybe that's because I'm an idiot who has never been loved. I don't have many notes to compare. :argor:

Terra's character was deeper than that. Her story was about discovering her humanity. She started out as a literal slave to the empire. She was brainwashed and starved of emotions and forced to carry out atrocities as a weapon. Her first obstacle was to overcome all of that. She must have wondered if she was capable of emotions and of caring for another human being in general. Romance would be much lower down on the list of priorities.

Then she discovers that she is only half human. She is part Esper: a race of beings largely detached from humanity (aside from the union of her parents). This is her second obstacle. She must have wondered if she was even really human at all.

Then she finds the orphans in the World of Ruin and she cares. She really cares about them. She discovers that she has these human emotions within her and that she is capable of feeling despite all she is and has been through. Terra is able to become a mother figure to them all.

Terra didn't need a romantic partner in any of this.

When I first played the game a part of me did think that Locke and Terra might end up together because they appeared to be the two leads in the earlier stages of the game. I just made that assumption. There may have been a little flirting from Locke as well. But then the rest of the game happened and I realised that my expectations had been subverted.
I know that a LOT of people like to ship Edgar and Terra but that makes NO sense outside of Edgar being lecherous. Terra never showed the slightest amount of interest in him. Granted her whole story is about looking for love, but love is not just romantic.
When I played VI recently, I initially presumed that they were setting up a love triangle with Terra, Lock, and Celes.

I was relieved to find out that wasn't the case.