Gunman executes 2 NYPD cops as ‘revenge’ for Garner

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Oct 30, 2008
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NYPD officers Wenjian Lu and Rafael Ramos were both uniformed NYPD officers and were shot dead Saturday afternoon as they sat in their marked police car on a Brooklyn street corner — in what investigators believe was a crazed gunman’s *assassination-style mission to avenge Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

“It’s an execution,” one law-enforcement source said of the 3 p.m. shooting of police officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos.
The tragic heroes were working overtime as part of an anti-terrorism drill in Bedford-Stuyvesant when they were shot point-blank in the head by the lone gunman, identified by sources as Ismaaiyl Brinsley, 28, who had addresses in Georgia and Brooklyn.

Moments after killing the two officers, he too was dead, having turned the gun on himself on a nearby subway platform as cops closed in.
“I’m Putting Wings on Pigs Today,” a person believed to be the gunman wrote on Instagram in a message posted just three hours before the officers were shot.
“They Take 1 Of Ours…Let’s Take 2 of Theirs,” the post continued, signing off with, “This May Be My Final Post.”
He used the hashtag #ShootThePolice, along with two other hashtags referencing Garner and Brown.

Photo: Instagram

The Instagram page included an image of a silver automatic handgun with a wooden handle. Another image showed the same camouflage pants and distinctive blue sneakers worn by the gunman as his body was carried from the scene on a stretcher.Brinsley walked up to the cops’ patrol car at the corner of Myrtle and Tompkins avenues, approaching from the sidewalk.


Witnesses told police that Brins*ley wordlessly blasted into the patrol car’s front passenger-side window.
Then he stood stock still for a few moments, fleeing into the subway only when he heard the sirens of a second police car.
Once in the subway, “they engaged the guy and he did himself,” one investigator said.
Brinsley was a fugitive who had just murdered his girlfriend in Baltimore Saturday morning, sources told The Post.


The two officers were pronounced dead at Woodhull Hospital, where their colleagues and family members huddled tearfully.
City Council President Melissa Mark-Viverito and Mayor Bill de Blasio were less than welcome guests at the poignant gathering.
We’re all in this together,” the mayor told grieving cops, according to a cop who was there.

“No we’re not,” one officer said tersely in response.

Just last week cops began signing a “Don’t Insult My Sacrifice” waiver, distributed by the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, that warned the mayor and speaker to stay away from funerals of cops killed in the line of duty.

Lieutenants Benevolent Association President Lou Turco, like many cops, likened the murders to the 1988 assassination of Police Officer Eddie Byrne.
The 22-year-old rookie cop was alone in a squad car in Jamaica, Queens, guarding the home of a witness in a drug case, when he was shot in the head five times. The hit was ordered by jailed drug kingpin “Pappy” Mason, in retaliation for his arrest.

The scene of the shooting.Photo: William Farrington

“I don’t even know how to respond to this,” Turco said. “Twenty-eight years on and I don’t know what to say.”
Another cop, who is black, said he fears that “this is just the beginning.

“There are people out there who will want to be copycats. The tension out there is the worst I’ve ever seen it.”
Both shooting locations — above and below ground — were scenes of blood and terror.
“I heard shooting, — four or five shots,” ear-witness Derrick McKie, 49, told The Post of the cops’ tragic murder.
“It sounded like from a single gun,” he said. Ambulances and police cars — at least one located only a block away — rushed to the scene, he said.
“I seen them putting the cop in the ambulance. He looked messed up,” McKie, a barber, added. “He took a high caliber weapon to the face. He was lifeless…I couldn’t see where the holes was that, all I could see was blood. His body was lifeless.”

Singer and songwriter Uriel Winfree III rushed to his roof when he heard the gunshots nearby.
“There was a cop on the ground everyone was around him,” he recalled.
“They were doing CPR on the cop, then they loaded him in the ambulance and they are hauling ass. Everyone was hauling ass.”
Carmen Jimenez, 32, a social worker from Bed-Stuy, was on the platform when the gunman ran inside, pursued by officers.
“Everything happened so quick,” said Jimenez, who is eight months pregnant.

“We were standing waiting for the G train. We heard arguing from the other end of the platform.
“It looked like two cops came in there was lots of yelling and they said, ‘Everybody get down.’
“We tried to get out of there, and there was a lot of shouting, people were screaming, people were trying to run.
“I threw myself on the floor. I was afraid for my life and afraid for my baby.”

Brinsley has a criminal record dating back to at least 2006, when he was arrested in Georgia for carrying a concealed weapon, a knife, as well as shoplifting, according to online records.
The next year he was nabbed in Dekalb County., Ga., for criminal trespass, and by 2009, he was indicted in Ohio for robbery — a charge that was later apparently dismissed.
In 2011, the shooter was arrested again in Georgia for reckless conduct, tampering with evidence, criminal property damage, and discharging his weapon. The outcome of the case is unknown.

“My deepest thoughts and prayers are with the families of the police officers killed in the line of duty today, Public Advocate Letitia James said in a statement.
“Today, the entire city mourns with the NYPD.”


And of course all of tumblr is saying the cops deserve it and shit. I hate this world so much.
Profiling all cops to be thuggish bad cops is just as disgusting as a bad cop profiling all black people to be thugs. But for some reason, this seems a bit lost on some people. Maybe people justifying this coward's actions and his way out deserve an award for intellectualism.

At the same time, because there are such idiots, I'm not terribly surprised that something like this has happened. RIP.
Profiling all cops to be thuggish bad cops is just as disgusting as a bad cop profiling all black people to be thugs. But for some reason, this seems a bit lost on some people. Maybe people justifying this coward's actions and his way out deserve an award for intellectualism.

At the same time, because there are such idiots, I'm not terribly surprised that something like this has happened. RIP.
Well said.

The saddest part is, Rafael Ramos had children. His son was 13. He made this comment;


I felt like dying when i read that. poor baby. it's times like this that i start to give up on the world.
This is absolutely atrocious. But I'm also not surprised that things have progressed this way, and I'm afraid that there may actually be copycats and/or groups that are plotting to go on these "assassination" sprees targeting cops. I'm actually kind of glad that I'm not living in NY at the moment...

Actually, my godmother and several of her friends attended a protest in Washington DC last week in light of these recent cases with Michael Brown, etc. Not sure how helpful that was, but it's much better than creating more bloodshed.

There has obviously been a lot of tension between citizens and cops now, but people shouldn't go off taking matters into their "own hands" aka violently. Humans are so quick to label a whole group based on the acts of a few individuals. I know that NYPD cops have a bad reputation, but that's because they are in a position of authority; pulling drivers and passerby over for random drug checks, handing out tickets... No one absolutely enjoys having to respect authority, even when said authority can be a quite helpful and dependable group of people at times.

Over the years though, more incidents of cops killing citizens have been occurring, particularly with racial profiling. (Or maybe the media is just broadcasting these incidents more often now?) This is an issue that needs to be addressed prior to someone becoming a police officer. Much like how we have drug screen tests and background checks when applying for jobs, I think that there should be a psychological evaluation put in place to assess a person's mental stability and potential biases. For instance, a white officer* who has had a negative experience with a black person is more likely to perceive a black person as more threatening in general, even when unarmed and without a criminal record.

(*Actually, research has shown that blacks are also more likely to perceive other blacks as more threatening than whites. I think the media has a lot to do with this phenomenon.)

Being in a position of authority and having power DOES get to people over time, and it's quite possible for someone to act in ways that they NEVER would have prior to obtaining it. (Stanford Prison Experiment, anyone?)

And after someone has become an officer, there should STILL be psych evals implemented on a routine basis, perhaps annually.

Will these services have a cost? Of course. But a lot goes on while cops are on duty. I think it's a disservice to them - that they are willing to have their lives on the line, but no one is ensuring that they are capable or even stable enough to do so. I'm sure there are counselors available when they experience trauma while on the job, but even those officers that don't partake in a "tragic event" can be affected by the pressure of their position.


- Not all cops are bad.
- Humans need to stop labeling and handle matters in a more peaceful way.
- Cops should be subject to routine psych evals assessing mental stability and potential for: 1) racial profiling, 2) having a power trip, and 3) acting impulsively.
This is absolutely awful. I remember looking up and the tv when I was at the gym and they were talking about it. I had no words, and I have no words now. It's just a shame how shitty, twisted, and downright evil some people are. I can't even begin to imagine what the families are going through.
R.I.P, and the families will definitely be in my thoughts.
it's a very tragic thing to happen, for sure. But i'd be lying if I said it was surprising. I'm sure this isn't the first indecent that this has occurred where the motive is hatred for being a cop.

The sad thing is, violent acts like this will never end. There will never be justice over this topic... its probably happening as we speak elsewhere. These people were raised in hating cops simply because of that. I would also say that they probably had outside influences for this to be carried out... hating someone simply because they're a cop? Does that really infuriate someone to the point of murder?

May they RIP.
this is a very complicated issue for me. I speak out about police brutality more-so than anyone else I know and I would be lying if I said I myself haven't been in a situation where I have said 'fuck the police' or 'fucking pig' because I have. I lived in an urban area where drugs and stuff ran pretty rampant and so the cops just gave every people in this neighborhood attitude. but even when i'm red in the face with anger from hearing about police brutalize a mentally ill man to death, I never actually truly believe that 100% of police officers are horrible murderers. i think the system itself is broken in a lot of ways, but no way are all cops pieces of shit.

i think it just matters where you live. if you live near a lot of crime police officers tend to be edgier and easily annoyed, but if crime is low in other places that edgy-annoyed-feelings isn't present as much. and so whenever a cop is predisposed to crime he falls into the line of thought that everyone in a crime area is doing a crime, this prejudice is bad and damaging to our society, especially when police officers end up killing people. but i understand that it's human nature for people to have prejudice ideas (ie crime-ridden area=all citizens are criminals).

so even if i disagree with the system, hearing people say police deaths don't matter is very heartbreaking. especially for a state where they witnessed thousands of police rush in at a moment's notice to the world trade center buildings and selflessly sacrifice themselves for others. i thought of all states, ny would understand that all police aren't bad. but i guess the new generation is louder than us people that remember 9/11.
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