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Dec 14, 2006
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What are Groups? Why Join Cerberus Guild?
Groups is a systematic approach to reward our members through various activities and specific goals. The Cerberus Guild unites the FFF members under one banner, old and new. By joining this guild, members can earn exclusive and additional rewards (Membership Rewards) that normally would not be available to any user. It's a token of our appreciation for participating and enjoying our features. Our official guild is stationed under this feature, where members can earn their way to cool membership benefits.

How to join Cerberus Guild?

Head to MogShop > FFFNET > Groups and purchase 'Join Cerberus Guild' for 300 Gil.

How long is the guild membership?

The guild membership is good for six months. You must renew again to reap bonus rewards.

Do members earn Gil for posting in Groups?
No. The system is not technically designed for this. Instead, members will earn CT and GP (adjusted manually by admins) which are much harder to acquire than Gil.

Are there any other requirements in order to maintain guild membership?

No mandatory requirements, but activity (posting) every now and then wouldn't hurt to let us know that you're still checking up on things.

Why can't I create threads in Groups?
Since we want to make Groups relevant and retain its purpose, we are limiting threads to ensure we don't sway from forum activities/topics.

Alliances: Coming soon.

What are Alliances?

Alliances are also part of the FFF Groups, which has a more competitive environment than Cerberus guild. There are three main alliances on FFF: Zodiac Braves, Guardian Corps, and Tantalus Troupe. During team-based competitions around the forums (e.g. team member elimination games, scavenger hunts, and various team challenges) members can join an alliance of their choice. Members who express interest to participate will represent one of the three alliances for a whole year via 'contract' and build rapport with their team mates. As soon as members join an Alliance, the contract (containing the appropriate emblem and player's username) will be displayed in the Groups Album.

How to join an alliance:
Head to MogShop > FFFNET > Groups and simply choose an Alliance of your choice for 5 CT. This is to ensure that members are fairly serious about joining an alliance as individual contribution is required to win team-based activities.

Can members create their own groups (guilds or alliances)?

At this time we have no plans to extend this feature to our members. All groups must serve a specific purpose (no fan clubs about FF characters, etc), and for this reason alone, we now have very limited ideas to keep this feature around. But we will try to make the best of our options in order to provide a whole new experience for members to enjoy.

What happens to inactive players?

Any inactive players that are weighing the team down may be subjected to a dismissal from the Alliance. If there is a pattern of inactivity, we'll let the player go to make room for new ones.

Can members earn rewards with Alliance groups?

Absolutely! In the end it's all about the experience.

Can members switch Alliances for any reason?

Members will be allowed to switch alliances after their 'contract' expires that year. They must sign up again (which will cost CT) if they want to renew that contract and will have to option to choose a new alliance if there is room. Alternatively, members can quit an Alliance but they will not be able to rejoin any Alliance for the remainder of the year.

How many members can join the Alliance?
There will be five players per Alliance to begin with. The option to 'recruit' more players might be a possibility at a later date.

For any questions or feedback, please see Social Groups Reboot
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