Gallery: Signature Set Freebies


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Mar 24, 2009
Signature Set Freebies

Some of you may have already seen this site feature pop up, that's because this announcement is overdue! Apologies for that. Without too many side details, Staff & some of our members have been working on creating some free signature sets. As you guys all probably know, we have our standard pre-set avatars on our forum; Settings > Edit Avatar > Pre-defined. Aside from that we have our vBSignatures, and the GFX shops our members set up;

We figured giving out some pre-made sets would be nice, too. So, as you can see, in the navigation bar right under the forum banner you can select Galleries > Signature Set Freebies and you can navigate your way through the different creations made by Mitsuki, Galadín, Six, and Stray Arrows (details about who created the pieces will show up on the bottom info bar).

You are free to use these signatures and avatars. If you want a heavy customized signature we highly recommend you use one of the active GFX shops provided in the link above. We hope you guys enjoy these free for all graphic sets!

Thanks to those who contributed making these pieces!