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Jun 12, 2006
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Staff Member: Shu
AKA: Chishu, Fei Wong
Real Name: Tyler
Location: Oxford, MS
Staff Position: Former Administrator
Joined Site: November 2006
Joined Staff: January 2010
Contact: - Facebook

Staff History: Shu was promoted to Gaia moderator on January 2010, along with Tia and Ariana (for the Final Fantasy section). On August 2010, BustaMo had to resign his position as administrator to attend to personal duties, and so Shu filled in Busta's role and worked closely with Mitsuki since then.

Bio: Shu grew up on the hill of Nashville, TN. He moved to Mississippi to attend College in 2003 and graduated in 2008. He started an internship in his Sophomore year in Oxford at FNC, Inc in which lead him into Quality Assurance and now is a manager of the international division. He works hard for his family and is a strong supporter of Ole Miss Football.

Interests/Hobbies: Running, Soccer, Music (no country).

Approachability: Depends what time of the day. Mostly has a lot of work to do in his career, so can be late to respond. His door is always open though.

Favorite FF: FFVII
-What made you decide to become a staff member here, and why do you stay?
I became stuff due to I believe my people skills had matured to the level where responsibility would be warranted. I also loved the community and indeed loved to try to help where I could on my favorite Gaea section. I have stuck around so long due to the leadership and the coordination are professional grade now. I believe this forum could always be thriving thanks to the staff and members of this community.

-Do you find it easy to work with your fellow team members?
Always. Mitsuki and Tia have always been the best of Admins to work with. When Bustamo was around, he was a mentor in my eyes for activity. I looked to

-What are some challenges you face (or have faced) as a staff member?
The ability to show non bias when arguments broke out. At times people are given a bad rap due to previous reputations. I believe all reputations can be broken and that people can be "good" when they choose to. To define "good" though you must hold values to yourself, if not, then it's hard to decide what's good and bad. Most of it though is common sense when it comes to being an Admin or a Mod.

-What are some key improvements you've noticed about our current staff team and administration?
The site itself has become better looking and people have become more involved with the Vbshop and such. I think each section has been moderated better since 2009.

-In your opinion, what are the most important positive qualities of this forum?
The people. The people are what drive this forum, without them it would just be an archive. An archive would then turn to Historical Data. I think this forum does a good job of maintaining good apples in terms of Membership.

-Describe a typical (or memorable) day in the job. What do you find most enjoyable about your job?
Birth Week is always good.

-In the time that you have been a member here how much have things changed?
I can't list the number of changes.

-Outside FFF, what do you like to do during your free time?
I like to travel. My favorite locations are Chicago, IL and Gatlinburg, TN. From the peace and quite of the Smokey's to the lovely Revolutionary Breweries and food from Chicago, I love the richness of both places. I'm also training for my 2nd marathon. Lastly, I play as a soccer keeper for my work's city league soccer team.

-What's the best thing that's happened to you so far while staying here at FFF?
There is not one even in particular that has happened to me that has been outrageously awesome. My enjoyment with the community and meeting new folks has made it easy to stick around. Any time I'm able to interact with the community is a good time to me.


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