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Oct 30, 2008
Rinoa Heartilly
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So by far the thing I spend most time on in any of my graphic work is the text. I will actually end up scrapping pieces if I can't find good font, even more so if I can't find a good combo. To me, font makes or breaks a piece. I have hundreds of fonts downloaded, probably more than any other resource but sometimes I still can't find the right combination of font. Partially because I see a font that I absolutely love and my brain just won't let me not use it :dead:

So do you guys have any favorite font combinations, if so post some here. You can also just discuss all general font topics here. Maybe even provide your favorite fonts so that others can use it, too.

Y'all go first. :pooley:
I suuuuck at doing any kind of text. Well graphics in general. But when it comes to fonts, even more so! I agree that it can really make or break a piece though. Honestly I'm always in awe with how Six does text in her SOTW entries, for example D:<

Don't really have any special fonts saved. Mostly because I tend to get so lost trying to sort through the list on my PC as is. Need to get that sorted out eventually!
I wish, oh, I wish I still had all my BEGINNER tags to show all of you. I wish I wasn't so careless back then, because looking back now would've been hilarious. I think most people wouldn't believe that was my work back then. :wacky:

I started out crap. And I mean crap. I always had a big fascination with text in signatures / avatars / large pieces. Anything graphic arts related, text was something that intrigued me. It didn't take long for me to actually start using text in my own signatures. Sometimes I'd use the same signature and just change up the text 10 times. No joke. Have the same sig displaying with different text every week... lol. Anyway...

I personally love using a clean capital text, with a funky (READABLE) cursive. Unless you're using decorative text (which shouldn't be readable imo, 9 out of 10 times it's gibberish filler text) is a great website to use. You can type in your text to see if you even like it before downloading. Their options are endless. I must admit I kinda play it safe lately, and it's actually holding me back as an "artist" I feel like. I don't experiment as much as I used to anymore, because I feel like my style works. I am by no means done growing.

With that said... I'm deleting my resource folder soon. I'll have to start back from scratch when it comes to every resource I have. With SOTW starting back up in January, I'm hoping my style will either improve, or at least show a lot more variety in my work. :D

When it comes to really liking a font and "I must have this on my signature but it doesn't work" admittedly... the only reason I don't have that problem is because I work around my text. :wacky: I use a text I want and the signature style depends on that. Not the other way around. :lew: