Final Fantasy XIV Port For PS3 Is 100% Complete [11/18]

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Apr 28, 2009
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The MMO's producer and director have revealed that the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIV, which is slated to release in March, is already fully ported from the PC version.

Speaking with Famitsu, producer Hiromichi Tanaka and director Nobuaki Komoto explained that while the game is still getting polished, the process of moving it over from the PC has been finished. Because of differences between the two platforms, players can expect the PS3 version to have slightly lower texture quality. However, PC and PS3 players will all share the same servers, so you can party-up with users on the opposite platform.

Normally, the idea of a game being done months in advance is a good thing. However, given the overwhelming confluence of problems on the PC version, I'd almost rather hear "We have a lot of work to do" instead of "We're done!"

(Source: andriasang)
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Sooo...any particular reason why we're waiting until MARCH if its 100% complete now? ._.

Tanaka would only say that because they're optimizing the game to get it as close as possible to the PC version in terms of quality, it will still be a bit before they can get the game into player hands.
Surely this is a BAD thing, given how absolutely glitchy the PC version was? From all reports, the quality of the PC version is about as poor as it gets.
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I seriously lol'ed at that sentence as well, Martel. :wacky:

Seeing as the PC version of the game has been so widely destroyed by reviewers of both east and west for a variety of reasons that they nearly all seem to share, seeing Tanaka use the word "quality" is perhaps the biggest piece of irony I've seen all day. xD

Still, get your ass moving, SE. Your players won't be around for long if improvements don't come in thick and fast. As for the PS3 version, well - if that's not out until March SE will desperately need the time until then to amend as much of the problems before the launch as they can.
Well this certainly is interesting... Even if it is 100% complete and they still are making players wait till march. Heh very funny SE. But I guess that gives them alot of time to fix problems before release and stuff. The ps3 version isnt anything special anyway. Ill judge fo myself :hmmm:
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