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Apr 18, 2014
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This is a fanfic I had in mind for a long time now. It's a fanfic that takes place 1 year before the events of FFX and has a completly different main cast from FFX and FFX-2 though characters from both games will have minor appearances in it.

As for the title itself...well...your going to have to find out as the story progresses

NOTE: Their will be a lot of First person and Third person narrating. You can tell the difference because all third person narration will only be written in italics whereas first person narration will be bolded with italics.

With that being said, let the story begin!

Chapter 1

(To Zanarkand plays)

Scene plays with several guardians and their summoner at a campset in Zanarkand. One man climbs up a hill and stares into the distance.

Listen to my story, I...I won't have another chance


(FFX Prelude Theme plays)

Old Man: Hey you! Punk kid! Give me back my apples now!


Old Man: Stop running now!

An old man was chasing a boy who looked to be in his late teens. Apparently, the boy was well known and disliked in the area. The boy climbed up a bark of a tree.

???: Betcha can't get me now old timer!

Name: Kamon, Age: 15, Birthplace: Bevelle (though raised in the Moonflow due to being adopted)

Old Man: Grr, you and your stupid antics Kamon! Why do you have to be such a pain in the rear end to everyone here?

Kamon: Me? Pain in the rear end? Haha! if anything, it's all of these people that are a pain with their stupid beliefs in Yevon.

Old Man: Stupid? You have a lot of nerve kid! Your the only one who seems to have a problem with Yevon despite the teachings being the only way we can repent for our sins.

Oh boy, here we go again. These people never cease to surprise me with their idiotic Yevon religion.

Old Man: Ya know what! You should be more like your friend! She's much more likeable and doesn't throw away valuable lessons like the ones from Yevon. It's no surprise why everyone doesn't like you.

Kamon: Oh really?

Kamon tossed away the apple and left the branch of the tree.

Kamon: I think I heard enough from you old-timer. You can take your stupid apple back.

Old Man: Ahh, wait! Kamon!

Kamon ignored the man and left

Why is it that everyone in Spira so narrow minded? Talk about a bunch of of ignorant jackasses! Having so much faith in a stupid religion. If we were somehow able to "atone" for our sins, Sin would have stopped coming back by now. But no! Were still stuck with that oversized squid killing all of us! Theirs no reason to lie to ourselves like that.

Kamon then headed for his small cabin near the lake of the Moonflow and took a look through his window.

Well, not everyone at least.

Name: Miyuki Age: 15 Birthplace: Moonflow. Miyuki is the great-grand daughter of High Summoner Yocun and wished to follow her footsteps of becoming a summoner.

Throught the window was Kamon's life long best friend Miyuki. The two of them have been friends for almost their entire lives but the two are respected much differently. Miyuki, being the Great-Grandaughter of High Summoner Yocun as well as being a believer in Yevon is loved and adored by all the people in Spira where as Kamon is regarded as a little punk kid who has no respect for the teachings of Yevon.

Kamon went outside to Miyuki's cabin but there was a huge crowd outside her cabin. They were all dying to see the High Summoner Yocun's grand-daughter up close.

"Lady Miyuki it's such a great honour to see you up close" one man said.

"I truly hope the best for you on your pilgermage to defeat Sin" a woman said.

Hmph! Like any of them actually care about her!

Miyuki: Thank you, thank you all for coming to see me..

???: Hey you...

Kamon: Huh?

Name: Daichi Age: 20 Birthplace: Moonflow. Is the older brother of Miyuki

Kamon: Oh, well what do you know? If it ain't shorty mc-short himself!

Daichi: Hilarious. Now listen up closly Kamon, I know you and my sister are very tight and all but there's no way i'm going to let you join her pilgermage. She'll be too distracted by you

Kamon: Hey, we already talked about this before. I already agreed not to go. No need to blabber the same thing over and over again.

Daichi: Hmph, so it's agreed then.

Kamon: Wait!

Daichi: ...

Kamon: Your going to be her only guardian?

Daichi pulled out his staff in an arrogant manner.

Daichi: Heh, i'm the only guardian she needs on the journey!

Yeah, you keep telling yourself that...

Miyuki: Kamon!

Uh, hey Miyuki!

Miyuki: So, what do you think?

Kamon: Wha?

Miyuki: My outfit you silly! It's traditional for every summoner to wear an outfit like this on their journey.

Kamon: Oh well, I suppose it looks good.

Miyuki: Will you be joining me on my pilegermage?

Kamon: Yeah, about that..

Daichi cut him off.

Daichi: No Mi, I am more than enough to be your only guardian. I'm afraid the kid here will only distract you on your journey.

Miyuki: But Daichi...

Daichi gave her a stern look. Miyuki knew she shouldn't continue with what she was saying. She always looked up to her brother in high regard espically since their parents died a long time ago.

Miyuki: Oh all right.

Kamon: Guess their's no reason to argue with shorty mc-short isn't their? Ah, whatever. I'm probably not even really suited to be a guardian anyways.

Daichi: Well, i've spoken my piece. I have no reason being here now. Miyuki, we leave now to Djose Temple!

Miyuki: Yes Daichi! Goodbye Kamon, I hope to see you after I defeat Sin.

Kamon: Yeah, defiantly!

That is of course if Sin doesn't turn you and your brother's head into a pretzel before I see you again.

(Tidus's theme plays)

Kamon went to the nearby pond. He always liked the view. It comorted him and took his mind off the world of Spira. Sometimes, he would just stare at it aimlessly.

Kid (1): Haha! Look at me! I'm going to be the next greatest Blitzball star!

Kid (2): No, i'm going to be the next Bllitzball star!



A young 8 year old Kamon tried to practice kicking a Blitzball only to fail at every instance.

Young Kamon: Darn! Why do I always miss!

???: Well welll well! If it ain't my little pushover Brother!

Young Kamon:

Name: Zane Age: 16 (at that time) Birthplace: Moonflow. Zane is Kamon's older adopted brother.

Zane: Give it up you little runt! You'll never even be half as good as me!

Zane picked up the Blitzball and performed the infamous Jecht Shot.

Crowd: Whoa!

Zane: And that's how a real professional plays! But don't worry...

Young Kamon:

Zane: I'm going to personally train you myself!

Young Kamon: really mean it?

Zane: Of course! Who else is going to warm up the benches for me? AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

This obviously agitated the young 8 year old Kamon. A tear went down his eye.

Zane: Aww what's the matter you little baby? Gonna cry?

Young Kamon:

Zane: What?

Young Kamon: I....I HATE YOU!!!

Zane chuckled a bit.

A few female admires of Zane came up to him, wanting to be near the Blitz star of the town.

Admirer (1): Oh Zane your the best!

Admirer (2): I love you Zane!

Zane: Haha! I know I am! Come on, tell me more about how great I am!

Zane walked off with all of his admirers.

Kamon stared off in the distance with tears coming down from his eyes.

(pause flashback)

BASTARD! I'm so glad he's dead now! I've been much better off since!

(flashback continued)

???: Hey what's the matter Kamon?

Young Kamon: Uh...Miyuki!

Kamon was embarssed that he was sobbing in front of his best friend.

Young Miyuki:
Come on! Tell me what's wrong?

Young Kamon:
My brother's being a big jerk again. Just look at him.

Zane was talking with his admirers.

Young Kamon: You know I wish he would just be gone! He always causes problems for Mom and me and he always makes fun of me!

Young Miyuki:
You wished he was gone? Isn't that kind of harsh?

Young Kamon: No, not one you live with him.

Young Miyuki: Well if you wish these kind of things to happen, it might actually happen and you won't have a brother anymore you know?

Young Kamon: Fine! I never even wanted one in the first place!

Miyuki didn't want Kamon to feel bad, She touched his shoulder and asked him...

Young Miyuki:
Say, you want to ride the Shoopuff!?

Kamon's expression suddenly changed.

Young Kamon:
Yeah sure! Let's go on it right now!

The two spent all day riding the shoopuf and doing things only 8-year olds could have fun doing. At sunset, they went back to the spot they were at before.

Young Miyuki: That was so much fun!

Young Kamon: Yeah! Let's do that everyday from now on!

The two kids stared into the evening sunset.

Young Miyuki:
You know...

Young Kamon: Huh?

Young Miyuki: You know I'm going to be a summoner one day right?

Young Kamon: Yeah, I know.

Young Miyuki: My great-grand mother Yocun was a high summoner that defeated Sin. She was a Crusader that fought for Spira's future. I...I wan't to be just like her when i'm older.

Young Kamon: But if she beat Sin, how does Sin always come back?

Young Miyuki: My brother tells me that it's impossible for Sin to be permantly removed and can only be basnished if everyone attones for their sins.

Young Kamon: But wouldn't Sin be gone by now?

Young Miyuki: I...I'm not sure. That's what my brother tells me. But I want you to promise one thing Kamon.

Young Kamon:

Young Miyuki: Promise me you'll always be with me!

Young Kamon:
Ha, you bet! I'm going to make sure no one trys to harm you!

Young Miyuki:

Young Kamon: Yeah! Because if they ever do...

Kamon stood up and made a punching gesture.

Young Kamon: I'm going to give them one in the face!

Young Miyuki: Haha! Your the best Kamon! I'm so glad to have a friend like you!

(end flashback)

And yet here I am just looking aimlessly into the sun while Miyuki goes on her pilgermage. Some friend I am...

A blitzball almost hit Kamon and Kamon went to quickly check who it was.

Kamon: Hey! What's your problem man!

???: Oh sorry! I was just practing for an upcoming Blitzball tournament with my team.

Name: Chappu Age: 16 Birthplace: Besaid Island

Kamon: Well you outta be careful with were you throw that ball you know! That could have taken off my head!

Wakka: Cheer up a little ya! It was just a mistake you know.

Kamon: Well you guys are probably better off practicing somewhere else.

Kamon went off into his cabin.

Chappu: Geez, what's up with that guy?

Wakka: Some people just have a big temper, take Lulu for an example!

Chappu: (laughs)

*Inside Kamon's cabin*

Kamon (thinking): Ah well, time to catch some shut eye!

Suddenly, a lot of rumbling went on.

Kamon (thinking): What? What's going on!?

Kamon went outside his cabin

Man: Sin!!!

Wakka: Sin?

Chappu: Out of all the places, here?

Wakka: Hold on, i'll get some help...

Crowd: (screams in agony and runs away)

Kamon: A Sinspawn!

Kamon went to his cabin and grabbed his sword.

(Otherworld (Black Mages Version) plays)

Crowd: (screams in agony and runs away)

Kamon: Looks like it's time for some action!

*Initiate Battle Sequence*

Kamon went and attacked the Sinspawn but the Sinspawn retailated with an attack of it's own, knocking Kamon down.

Kamon (thinking): Drat! i'm not going to be able fight that guy alone...

Kamon: Hey you!

Chappu: Huh me?

Kamon: Yeah you! Take this sword!

Kamon tossed Chappu the Brotherhood sword.

Kamon: I'm going to be needing some help taking out this freak.

Chappu: But..I can't fight with a sword!

Kamon: Then your going to learn how to quickly!

Kamon made another dash at the Sinspawn and attacked it in a fashion were it became immobolized.

Now! Attack it's center!

Chappu: Okay!

Chappu pierced the Sinspawn and the Sinspawn was as good as dead.

Chappu: Ha! I did it!

Kamon: I would hold off on your celebration for now! We got more on the loose.

Kamon and Chappu continued to fight off the Sinspawn until there was no more left.


pant...pant...We did it!

Kamon gave a slight smirk.

Man: Whoa! look at that! Sin itself is making it's way right here!

Chappu: Look Out!

Kamon: Augh!

Kamon looked in amazement! Sin itself was infront of his eyes. Sin attacked Kamon and Chappu taking them away from the Moonflow. Sin himself then departed without destroying a lot of the Moonflow.

Wakka then came back only to find his little brother no where to be found.

Wakka: Chappu? Chappu! Where are you!?

(End Scene)

It almost felt like I was going to die that day. I literally saw my life flash in an instant as Sin attacked me and Chappu and took us away from the Moonflow. I really thought it was the end of me right their.


Kamon observed his surroundings.

Kamon: A desert? This...This is the Bikanel Desert! How in the world did I end up all the way here?

End of Chapter 1
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