Final Fantasy VIII Fan Novelization


Mar 24, 2019
Virginia, USA
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Jason Tandro @ Louisoix
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Greetings all!

So based on the few comments on my introduction thread, I thought I would share my work here.

I have completed a rough draft of the first book of what will ultimately become a four-book series retelling the entirety of Final Fantasy VIII. I am in the editing process, and have as my editor none other than M.J. Gallagher of the Final Fantasy VII Unofficial Novelization and The Nibelheim Incident. The edited version is currently up to Chapter 17: Garden Twilight which is Squall's last day in the Garden before going off on the Timber mission. There is going to be a third editing pass so these aren't exactly as they will appear in the final work but they are still significant improvements over the rough draft.

As far as where you can find out about the project, you have numerous options. The story itself is hosted on I run a Facebook page which is where you can get the latest updates on the project (as well as daily content related to the FF fanverse) and a Twitter, which is usually me just sort of musing or being random. I also have a Youtube (one of 4 that I run, each with different purposes, long story) which has some mildly interesting video content, namely a comparison series where I compare Gallagher's FF7 Novelization to that or Mr. Ite's (The Jenova Project). I also have a Patreon, but if you're interested you can find out about that through the FB Page. I think this post is spammy enough already. :dave:

The Story on
Facebook Page
FF8 Fan Novel On Youtube
Twitter Handle: @fan_ff8

If you want to know more about the project, have any feedback, or anything along those lines, you can feel free to let me know below!