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Since we now have a new trailer and an approximate release window (early 2024) it is about time we created a new thread specifically for the second installment of the Remake project.

Here is the new trailer:

I'll say more about it at a later date, but the first twenty seconds in particular are quite mindbending. They are doubling down on the idea of different universes/realities. And, as in the last trailer, at the end of this one they seem to be at least toying with Molosev's theory about Tifa dying at Nibelheim. Some tasty red herrings throughout this trailer, methinks.

The gameplay and locations look great. Also Bugenhagen floats, but I cannot see his ball yet!
I was very surprised to see this shown before the release of Final Fantasy XVI in 2 weeks! Also, I just assumed due to Geoff's connections with Kojima, that the big reveal at the end would have been Death Stranding 2 - Not that I mind!

The trailer itself was great, it show cased a lot of gameplay for such an early trailer. It was neat to see in the Cavern after Zolomn Lake that the team would split into to (Barret & Red on 1 team, with Coloud, Tifa & Aerith on another). I hope Yuffie is introduced in a more standard way than finding her in a bush this time around...

I've just accepted the deviation from the original games narrative, now I just hope they do something interesting with this new branch. Meddling with the Nibelheim story is dangerous territory being a past event but I'm open to see where it goes.

What struck me most is just how nice it is to see people care about Final Fantasy... I know that sounds odd on a forum dedicated to the franchise but I feel now all I hear about is Dark Souls this or Elder Scrolls that. A lot of the mainstream franchises of tehe last few generations don't do much for me and after XIII & XV's troubled reception, I have been concerned that it just wouldn't gather that world wide interest. Well being the finale of the Summer Games Fest has brought a lot of reassurance that the series is doing okay!

Also, the announcement of it being on 2-Discs is a big deal! the PS5 discs are 4K Blu-Ray that is 100 GB, so bigger than PS4 discs! It's going to be a big game and I am excited for that!
We now have a second trailer! :thehead:

Caith Sith's moogle toy, the Gold Saucer, mountain chocobos literally climbing mountains, Tifa swimming, Andrea dancing again (this time presumably at the Gold Saucer), Cosmo Canyon, the buggy, Vincent and Sephiroth modelling for L'oreal.

This game looks like it will have it all!

For now that is all I have time to say, but this is a decent trailer!

Oh and the release date is February 29th 2024.
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