Final Fantasy Treasures (Collection Thread)


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May 5, 2007
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Hello, I was going to contribute a thread with my FF Collection, but I cannot find one. But I have now thought of a better idea. Instead of just splashing my whole collection on here aimlessly I thought I'd make a thread where everyone can talk in detail about a specific Final Fantasy item they have and why they adore it so. It can be anything Final Fantasy related from a Special Edition, Soundtrack, Figure, Artbook etc. I just wanted to make a space where people can talk about their most prized FF Collection but not be shallow in splashing pictures and gloating.

So for my first Entry it is 'The Art of Final Fantasy IX':

I mentioned this in my returning back thread but it really is such a lovely book. It's also really strange, because in the 2000's it was very rare to get gaming artbooks like this outside Japan, let alone in Europe - Though it was released through BradyGames who do all the US Final Fantasy guides. I got my mits on this a few years back for only £10, it was on Amazon under 'Acceptable' condition, I was a bit cautious but decided I really wanted it and to my surprise it was near mint condition! I'm ever so pleased to have it.

What is exciting about the book is that it doesn't just present the same Amano/Nomura art we've all seen before - Which of course is extraordinary, I also bought the Dark Horse re-release of 'The Sky' a 3 hardback dedication to Amano's work. This book however, shows you all the planning sketches and concept art which you don't see for promotion. I like to think of it as a book which allows you to tour the art department of Squaresoft at the time as it really shows of many nice and even unfinished concepts which are fascinating to see. It has a wide variety of catagories from Character (Main and NPC's), Locations, monsters and weapons and it's just really fascinating to see. I'll leave a few images below to give you an idea of what in presents

ffIX-artbook019.jpg ffIX-artbook018.jpg ffIX-artbook053.jpg
ffIX-artbook076.jpg ffIX-artbook091.jpg ffIX-artbook106.jpg

Do you have a Final Fantasy Item in you collection you treasure and feel like telling us, please do I'm really interested to see what everyone else has and holds dear to them :)