Final Fantasy Sports Spin Off Game ?


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Mar 24, 2010
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We've got a fighting spin-off game and we've had a Mario Kart spin-off game with Chocobo Racing, so why not a Sports game with FFX's Blitzball just with some improved gameplay and graphics to make it more fun and enjoyable?

We could have teams from each Final Fantasy game.

Final Fantasy I- The Light Warriors

ight Warrior ( the leader)
Princess Sarah ( the defense)
*Garland (the tank)
White Mage (the healer)
Black Mage (the attacker)

Can unlock Red Mage for attack/healer mix. Garland is a "traitor" and can be brought out and sold by other teams for some extra gil. Meaning if you want somebody from say (FF10) in your FF1 squad, he can be replaced, though it cost some money!

- A Final Fantasy XI Team would be unlockable too !

Final Fantasy II- The Roses

Firion (the leader)
Maria (the defense)
Guy (the tank)
*Leon ( the attacker)
Leila (the healer)

Can unlock The Emperor for a deadly attacker. Leon is a traitor.

Final Fantasy III- The Onion Knights

Luneth (the leader)
Arc (the defense)
Refia (the healer)
Ingus (the attacker)
*Xande (the tank)

Can unlock Aria for another healer. Xande is the traitor.

Final Fantasy IV- The Red Wings

Cecil ( the leader)
*Kain ( the attacker)
Golbez ( the tank)
Rydia ( the defense)
Rosa ( the healer)

Can unlock Edward/ Spoony Bard for a heavy defense and healer. Kain is a traitor.

Final Fantasy V- The Chocobos

Bartz ( the leader)
Faris ( the attacker)
Lenna ( the healer)
Galuf ( the tank)
Kirle ( the defense)

Can unlock Gilgamesh for an awesome attacker, tank, and defense!

- A Final Fantasy XIV team would be unlockable.

Final Fantasy VI- The Returners

Terra (the leader)
Locke ( the healer)
Edgar ( the attacker)
Sabin ( the tank)
Celes ( the defense)

Can unlock Setzer for a Gambler, meaning he can do anything, but it's all on your luck!

Final Fantasy VII- The Avalanchers

Cloud- (the leader)
Barret- ( the tank)
Tifa- ( Gambler)
Aerith- ( healer)
Cid- (attacker)

Can unlock Sephiroth, Zack, and Vincent for some more attackers.

Final Fantasy VIII- The SeeDs

Squall- (the leader)
Rinoa- (attacker)
Quistis-(the defense)
Irvine- (attacker)

*Can unlock Selphie for that Gambler and Seifer is another Traitor.

Final Fantasy IX- The Tantalus

Zidane- (the leader)
Garnet/ Dagger- (the healer)
Steiner ( the tank)
Vivi - ( the defense)
Freya- ( the attack)

*Can Unlock Beatrix who's a defense/ attacker powerhouse!

Final Fantasy X- The Besaid Aurochs

Tidus- (the leader) Also the one in the intro who teaches you how to play!
Wakka ( the tank)
Yuna ( the healer)
Kimahri ( the tank)
Rikku (the attacker)

Final Fantasy XII- The Captain Basches

Basche- (the leader)
Ashe- (the attacker)
Vaan- (the defense)
Balthier- ( the defense)
Fran- ( the attacker)

*Can unlock Penelo and Larsa for some more healers and Gabby for that SUPER Tank!

- A Final Fantasy Tactics Team would also be unlockable.

Final Fantasy XIII- The NORA Squad

Lightning- (the leader)
Snow- (the tank)
Hope- (the healer)
Fang- (the attacker)
Sazh-( the defense)

*can unlock Vanille who is a healer/defense mix*

Final Fantasy XV- The Kingsguard

Noct- ( the leader)
Prompto-(the attacker)
Luna-(the healer)
Gladio-(the tank)
Ignis -(the defense)

*can unlock Iris for a healer, and Aranea for an attacker/tank mix*

What do you think? Would something like this be cool? Or no?


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Jun 26, 2008
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Polyphemos Bromios
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I'd really love to see this!

While the Blitzball mini-game needed some work to make it a fun stand-alone game, the concept was amazing. I've always wanted to see a Blitzball game, and I would love to see a new FF-universe mashup for this.

You've put a lot of thought into the teams too. I'd be interested in trying them.

It might be difficult trying to creating different maps or stadiums, but that is a difficulty that all Football / Soccer games must face anyway. They'll all look the same. That said, would they need to?

They could always have Blitzball games outside of a Blitzball stadium. There are plenty of underwater locations.
Some ideas:
Sunken Shrine (FFI)
Serpent Trench (FFVI) or Lethe River (FFVI - so that Ultros can appear in the background somewhere since these are his rapids)
Outside the Underwater Mako Reactor, Junon (FFVII - could even have the submarine and Emerald Weapon in the background)
Pirate's HQ (FFV, or any number of awesome FFV locations where we could see Syldra, pirate treasure, etc).