Final Fantasy 6 - A review


Playing through the Final Fantasy Series
Aug 31, 2018
Las Vegas,NV
This game has been incredible and easily the best one of the SNES era and possible the entire franchise. This game makes you feel and care about the characters while trying to keep it interesting. Some major events and situations that make you worried, scared, heartbroken and more.

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I'm glad you enjoyed FFVI. I typically name it as one of my favourite FF games (joint first with FFVII).

I think the World of Ruin is one of those sections which is actually painful to play, but it can become something players reflect on more fondly later.
I love some of the character development during the WoR section. The pace of the main plot slows down to a near halt, but it allows you to run around and explore the backstories of the characters.
Scenes like Gau dressing in a suit to meet his father, Owzer's haunted paintings, Cyan and his dreamscape... These are all iconic scenes for Final Fantasy, in my opinion.

But it is strange that they added them in this way, while Kefka waits in his tower for the party to come to him. I guess it feels odd because Kefka by that point had already won. He'd already destroyed the world (near enough) and installed himself as a god. The party was just surviving and recovering their sense of hope before going in for a second attempt. There weren't really many other truly-evil villains alive by that time to stretch out the core plot beyond preparing to storm Kefka's tower.

They could have used Ultros a bit more, perhaps.... But he was more of a joke than a serious threat!
Thanks for reading! Although the game was great and kefka did do the most damage of any ff boss, the second half of the game could have been integrated a little better. Maybe if they had to get the characters, and not able to skip them. If I just wanted to finish the game with out enjoying it all I would have missed out on those great moments. Overall the game is fantastic