Final Fantasy 1-6 Pixel Remastered, good but flawed


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Feb 23, 2022
1-4 or 5-6 really. But the Autobattle icon... is so annoying to look at. Have option to replace it with a Autobattle that only turns on when clicked would be much more helpful. Because its sorta like looking at a fly on the screen, its just distracting from the good replication of the artwork from original game content to PC format

FF5 and FF6. My criticism...
If you are gonna have the intro, have credits there. I know it may be a little nitpick, maybe this is just preference and nobody is bothered by this. If anything i think FF6 intro is less offensive.
But take FF5, it just doesnt feel as engaging as original where you feel you are going on a amazing adventure with credits of people who worked on the game. But with new one you get this. Not as exciting, just seeing a corporate Square Enix logo hanging there.

FF6 has no credits either, its just it has nothing showing. It just walking to Narshe without any credits, its a little less offensive but it kinda feels like this scene is sorta pointless if there is no reason to have it there now. And there is also too high colour contrast on the grass in FF6, so its too bright than it should be. Mainly in overworld, not in battle. In battle its pretty alright.

Though FF6 is my least favorite for different reasons, but not gonna debate that here.

In general FF1-FF4 is only one i feel is worth buying since you atleast have the option to remove Autobattle icon on PC with a modification that helps. Looks way prettier this way.

Let me know what you think?

Also i have an idea, how they could replicate the excitement in FF5 intro of Pixel Remaster, i heard reason they didnt have the original credits is people didnt wanna be included. So here is an idea to replicate the excitement but also avoiding mentioning people


Trees. "

Just some suggestion : D

If you look at FF5 SNES original. Just look how exciting this looks. The credits just rushes by
For me personally, the remasters have been serviceable. FF1-3 I'm not impressed with the sprites for the party. if anything it makes me wish they didn't try so hard to stay close to the 8-bit design. Especially FF3, where there was enough room for these characters to be color coded.
The remasters look fine but not nearly substantial enough to warrant the price tags. It's not as though they're charging full retail price or anything, so purchasing any of the games individually would probably not be the worst financial decision one could make, but when you can easily go back to the original versions or play one of the more recent ports instead, I simply don't see much of an incentive. I'm also kind of mixed on the aesthetic. Some of them are very well done recreations; others just make the game look like a sample project created for RPG Maker.

I've seen worse remasters, so it's nice that they are a solid way to experience the games and probably the best way for newcomers. But they're not quite enough to justify someone who already has other methods to play them to spend money on another copy.
I don't understand why things like the cheats and auto-battles make it into the remasters, I love re-playing the games on modern systems since it saves digging out old games consoles, however I don't want infante gil, all spells unlocked etc, I want to play the game as it was.