Original Fiction: Prologue


Jun 16, 2013
London, UK
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The small Village of Seed was just north of the King’s Kingdom. The kind of place you expect the cleaner Dwarfs to live. For the most part, it was rich with history dating back to its most magnificent events, now fondly remembered in children’s books, the most popular of these is “An Endless Quest: The Howard Belt Story” which recalled the battle for the beach, resulting in one of the finest victories for the Dwarf’s. The Village was surrounded by an endless forest with only a few narrow paths leading to the outside world. The night was still young in Seed, and a shadow looked upon them. A smile, one that had haunted the dreams of many children and adults alike over countless centuries was on that shadow.
“A Cold Night burns just as much as a hot summer’s eve” the shadow smirked to himself as he raised his blade.
It looked a samurai sword, one filled with centuries of experience in the killing field.
The shadow, walked ever so slowly towards the Dwarf Village. The history coming to an abrupt end.

The next morning, far east from the King’s Kingdom, a young knight woke up. His morning was stolen from a most unusual request.
“Go to the Dwarf Village of Seed and kill any survivors.”
He was stunned, never has such a mission be called in the History of the Lost Knights.
“Why do I have to kill?” the Knight asked.
“Because everyone is dead. Anyone who has survived is a traitor to the Brotherhood” the quest master replied.
The Brotherhood, every Knight in the land wanted to be a member of the Brotherhood. They were the elite.
“Okay, I will take it” the young Knight said with confidence.
“Oh and by the way, if anyone asks what your name is, say it, say its Light” the Quest Master said.
And with that, Light took his sword and begun his journey, unknowing that what he will find is more than just a few traitors, but he will be facing death himself.

To Be Continued...

Note: This will start in September and continue for a few months. New Chapters will be posted up every other day (more or less about the same amount as shown here as I can't be doing with weekly 3 page chapters or so).
This was more or less to see how it does. Thank You for reading (if you have that is).