FFXV 'Omen' trailer, a short CG movie by Digic Pictures


A couple of major things came out of the Paris Games Week livestream for Final Fantasy XV. The first of which was the confirmation that the game has finally gone gold (i.e. essentially completed), as represented by director Hajime Tabata holding up the two PlayStation 4 and Xbox One discs. Secondly, the teased 'Omen' trailer was shown in its CG glory, made by Digic Pictures, a studio that also worked on Kingsglaive.

As the name of the trailer suggests, it is an ominous portend of a possible calamitous fate that may befall our protagonist. The tone of this trailer will be a good indication of the tone for the direction of the story.

A rapidly shifting world, enemies that appear endlessly, gradual loss of abilities…
And a madness that brings harm to the beloved fiancée.








Nova Crystallis
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I'm hyped beyond belief after this trailer. Yeah, I was a little mad for watching it at first but apparently none of this even happens in the game, therefore I'm okay with it now. This trailer was obviously a throwback to versus xiii. We see Luna and Noctis fight and yeah, there are other cool references like "gone gold" since FFXV went gold today. There is even an AC logo on the newspaper one soldier is reading, etc and new jobs being offered for FFVII remake I assume. Overall, this trailer is the best one yet for many reasons. FFXV trailers really have lacked the action that versus had and this was full of it. It was simply amazing and made me more hyped than ever before. They obviously wanted this trailer for the end release.... so much fanservice!

Only one month left. I'm psyched as hell.

That voice at the end coming from the crystal is obviously the main villain. We haven't seen anyone like it and it makes sense to not show the real identity
Reason number #247 for why I feel the marketing department just doesn't know what on earth it is doing.

As a trailer movie for the hardcore FFXV fans who have followed the games since goodness-knows-when, I can definitely see why this is a captivating piece of footage and why it bolsters appreciation for what the game is going for in terms of narrative and themes. While the dog is clearly screaming obvious symbolism whenever it appears and the specifics can be lost in a flair of abstract imagery that would make Kingdom Hearts blush, it's pretty damn obvious what this trailer is about:

Without his friends, a Noctis who journeys on his own will likely culminate in a disastrous chain of events that will see his humanity stripped away from him, his fiancée massacred by his own hands (presumably so he can grab that Armiger Weapon from her for reasons) and a world devastated as symbolised by the desertificated Altissia if the gondola is any indication. The solitude of Noctis is punctuated by the lack of real human faces besides the woman he struck down; the Niflheim soldiers, whether they're even human or not, are all masked and anonymous, each as alike as the other. The weird human-like behaviour such as reading newspapers and looking at smartphones appears to be a surreal contrast to their robotic facelessness, illustrating the half-and-half state of reality that this Noctis has found himself in.

So what keeps Noctis human is his retinue. It bolsters the overarching theme of the game of a brotherhood (in a very overhanded way) by beating into the viewer's head that Noctis's friends are his rocks and without them, who knows how off the rails he may become. It's probably why King Regis insists on having companions tag along with his son, because he's seen this sinister portending harbinger - and perhaps a potential future that is desired by whoever (or whatever) it is he bargained with back when his son was still but a child. Send his son away with his friends not only to save him from the Niflheim's invasion of Insomnia, but also to save him from himself.

*takes pretentious glasses off*

Now the problem is, this is what a hardcore fan and/or someone who has actually followed FFXV's lengthy development will be able to discern. But your average person who usually doesn't give two kupo pompoms about Final Fantasy? They're not going to see the same things. This trailer is composed in a way that mirrors western AAA games and designed to appeal to your average non-FF gamer. It's blatantly clear who was the primary target audience for this footage when they were making it.

But your average non-FF gamer isn't going to recognise this as an deliberately ominous subversion of FFXV's fundamental core theme of brotherhood. They're going to think this is a game with a thrillingly dark tone where your character slowly breaks, loses his powers, clearly loses his mind in the end and ends up killing his loved ones. Then all of a sudden they buy the game, pop in a disc and see they have been given a game where none of that probably even happens, because it may not even be the reality that the actual game narrative will go into. In trying to subvert a core, fundamental theme of your game to punctuate its importance, you may have confused a large section of your audience that doesn't play Final Fantasy and hasn't followed this game.

EDIT: The less I say about Luna, the better. For all I know, the next trailer will show her spirit being sundered completely, given how gleeful the marketing seems to be at putting her in a position of the dominated.
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My God, this trailer was simply breath-taking!*____* The graphics, those feelings, that athmosphere...
I really can't wait to see more about FFXV! I would like to play it so badly, I need a PS4 right now!!;____;

And I'm sooo surprised because it was made by Digic Pictures, which is a HUNGARIAN studio! I was really surprised when I realised they made the first battle scene in Kingsglaive, too... (Maybe that's why Kingsglaive got Hungarian dub!) I didn't know that there are so many talented people in my country! I mean... yes, there supposed to be many talented people but usually we don't really see this kind of modern and epic movies/animations from Hungarian creators in TV or in the theatres... (All we can see are fantastic creations made by different nations.) Sorry for being such a fangirl, but I'm really proud that there is this gorgeous trailer which can be seen worldwide and was made by Hungarian people!;3;
I had no idea they're Hungarian! The more you know. :D

I know they've made CG cinematics for plenty of high-profile western games such as Assassin's Creed and The Witcher 3. That's probably also why they cheekily decided to put the Assassins' symbol in there as a brief little Easter Egg.

These kind of CG sequences that mix brief but frantic action sequences and quick, frenetic shots with surreal imagery really work well for relatively short videos such as this, especially when your imagination is filling in the rest. For whole movies such as Kingsglaive, it really doesn't work in my opinion. It's too easy to be disorientated and to be emotionally detached from a movie sequence that lasts much longer than anything in this trailer.