FFXIV: “Unique” setting to have own religion

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Dec 30, 2007

Final Fantasy XIV world Eorzea will have it’s own religion, producer Hiromichi Tanaka told VG247 at GamesCom earlier this month.

“It will have its own religion. It’ll be a really unique type of world,” said Tanaka of the MMO.
He added: “This time with the world of Eorzea, what we’re trying to achieve is a very unique world. It’s going to be difficult to say whether it’s in the future or in the past. It’ll have some type of sci-fi element to it, and at the same time having medieval elements, so it’s really going to be difficult to say what type of world it’s going to be.

FFXIV is heading towards the PS3 and PC next year with an Xbox 360 release planned afterwards.

Source: VG247
I like games that put a lot of thought into the relgion and culture of the people of the world or regions.

FFXI had it's own religion as well, but it was never made (at least not at my level) clear as to what the religion was. So it will be good to see them do it properly in FFXIV. I want to feel like I'm part of the world and as if I'm part of a cult or perhaps I'm aware that some people are on the planet.

What would be good would be if there was more than one religion in different parts of the world.
Isn't every FF world is made of both sci-fi elements and medieval elements?
I don't remember a FF which didn't have such a world.

I rather have something like the Al-Bhed race over religion. I just love learning new strange languages XD.
But I guess it is nice to have at least something. I wonder if there will be conflicts about it like "those who are part to of the religion Vs those who against the religion".
That could be nice. It'll be even better if the player could choose which side he is on.
I'll be on the Anti-Religion side D:
This sounds awesome! I can't wait!

Since X had one and it was actually pretty good, I can't wait to see what it will revolve around.
X/X-2 did and Tactics had its own religion as well. Yevon and Glabados felt kind of similar in structure to me, so I wonder if this one will be any different.
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