FFXIV Patch 4.2 detailed; Omega Sigmascape, Byakko Primal; housing changes; new trailer


If you're a raider and a Final Fantasy VI fan, Yoshi-P has decided to be extra kind to you in this next upcoming patch for Final Fantasy XIV. Patch 4.2: Rise of a New Sun will be live on the 30th January and it brings a plethora of FFVI fanservice when the next raid tier, Omega Sigmascape, is unlocked. Expect a good number of familiar enemies...a very familiar face and an equally familiar signature theme song to go with it.

Obviously, expect story spoilers for up to Patch 4.1.


Garlemald sends an ambassador to the liberated lands of Othard, seemingly requesting an alliance against the Primals. Yotsuyu looks amnesiac as well as delirious, clearly no longer in the same mental capacity as she had been leading up to the liberation of Doma. This expanded Doma side of the story will be tied to the first of the four new Primals of the Stormblood patch cycle: Byakko the White Tiger. The adventures of Cid, Nero, Biggs, Wedge, Jessie and Alpha continue as they attempt to outsmart the seemingly omniscient Omega while the Warrior of Light and their chums take on classic enemies from FFVI, most notably the Phantom Train.

Omega Sigmascape is the second tier of this patch cycle's raid series with Byakko serving as this patch's Primal punching bag. In terms of dungeons, Hells' Lid will be tied to the story and The Fractal Continuum (Hard) will join it to fill up the Expert Roulette for the next few months.

Is that Dancing Mad I hear, you ask? What could that possibly mea-


Well that can't be good. He'll soon be laughing at you all many times over for your umpteenth wipes.


It's a new patch and that means a new Primal to take on. The first of the four beasts representing the Chinese cardinal directions is here, and it's Byakko, the White Tiger. As has every one of its predecessors, Byakko will be released with two difficulties, with the Savage version of the fight confirmed to drop weapons. Yoshi-P expressly notes that Byakko will put up more of a fight than Susano and Lakshmi.

Once again, Yoshi-P is using his Lalafell as a sacrificial lamb to provide us with the smallest of previews for this upcoming fight. For some reason, this white tiger can take on a humanoid form and er, I guess he really likes asymmetry? Good grief, man. Most people generally use both arms when they lift so one isn't egregiously larger and stronger than the other!


Choo choo!

This is what you're all here for. You're here to take on Omega's next set of fanservice. After felling Exdeath and a trio of FFV bosses, now it is time for FFVI to wipe your raid group. Phantom Train! Chadarnook! Kefka! The Decisive Battle and Dancing Mad themes! Is this not why you pay money on a monthly basis to play this game? Though if there are no suplexes involved with Monks, do feel free to unsubscribe because that would be unforgivable.

Yoshi-P is again sacrificing his Lalafell to show us that these fights will indeed kill you if you're messing around. Very helpful to know! Chadarnook's fight will involve ink of some kind, so have that right bumper stick on your controller ready.



Shield Swipe and Holy Spirit potency will be decreased, as the team felt the DPS output is a bit high.

The team has increased their “usability” in general. Their DPS will be increased.

The DPS for Warrior will be increased. Storm’s Eye will be nerfed a little, but other actions will be buffed. Changes are being made to Inner Release and Berserk.


The healing effect from Excogitation will now execute when the effect duration ends.

White Mage and Astrologian
The team has made adjustments to the other two healers as well to increase their usability.

--Ranged DPS--

The potency of Hypercharge will be decreased.
Black Mage
Potency of Fire IV will be increased. The proc duration for thunder-type spells and Fire III will be extended. The recast time for Aetherial Manipulation has been decreased. The recast time for Transpose has been decreased.

The potency of area of effect attack has been decreased.

--Melee DPS]--

Wind Tackle will now apply Greased Lightning Brotherhood’s effect will apply to the user as well. It’ll make it much easier to open a Chakra now. The recast time for Mantra and Perfect Balance has been decreased.

In addition to the above, diversion will be adjusted to further reduce enmity generation and the duration will be increased.

Here's a major change. Square are going to remove elemental Materia, elemental resistances and all consumables that provide buffs to certain elemental modifiers. This essentially means the abolition of a carry over system from the 1.0 days that has been rather superfluous and limited in application to begin with.

Naturally, you can expect new gear sets for your characters. Here's two contrasting ones:



The Forbidden Land Eureka Anemos will have an Elemental Level. If you're venturing into Eureka, you will have to pay mindful attention of this and carefully level it up.

In addition there is the Magia Board, a new system where players place magicite into the board to strengthen elemental properties. Players will adjust their offensive and defensive elemental properties to fight against monsters.

The experience points earned inside Eureka will be retained even when you leave, and you can continue the next time you enter. If your Elemental Level is higher than 6, there will be a death penalty. (The penalty will not apply if you are raised.) How lovely and ominous!

Eureka can be content enjoyed solo, or in a party of up to eight players.


Ahhhh, housing. Ever the personal bug bear of many players, as they loudly condemn a system that barely works, is too inhibited by atrocious design at the very outset and the developers' snail-paced response to these incessant grievances.

In response, additional plots will be added in the week following Patch 4.2's release. Wards 13-18 will therefore be added to all four housing areas, with subdivisions for each new ward.

There will be changes made to the plot purchasing system to address the fact that there are a select few players able to effortlessly purchase whole portfolios of highly sought-after houses to themselves. There will be plots designated for Free Companies (with at least four members) only. House buying hoarders will be restricted from purchasing plots for personal use for a limited time and all players will be permitted to own only one private and one Free Company house per world per service account. It likely will not alleviate the existing concerns of entire hamlets being owned by a certain select few players, but it is sorely needed.

When it comes to plot resale, plots relinquished by owners will not be immediately available for purchase for an unspecified limited time. During this period, plots will still be available for relocation.

The team will continue to monitor and evaluate the housing market following this patch's release and decide whether these restrictions will need to be lifted in the future or amended.

Community contest winners have been added as furnishings and there are the usual things you would expect from listening to a predominantly Japanese fanbase like a Japanese futon and a...bathtub. Because of course.



Firstly, there's a new Manderville Gold Saucer minigame called 'Fashion Report'. Redolent Rose, whom you should be very familiar with if you've dabbled as a Weaver in the game, will be the Simon Cowell of this event, albeit likely a much more pleasant judge than Simon Cowell's smarmy arse.

Participate and you’ll be rewarded with 10,000 MGP — score higher than 80 and you’ll get even more. The theme will change every week (every Tuesday) and evaluations will begin on Friday to give you time to assemble the gear you think matches the request. There will be item rewards that can only be obtained from Fashion Report. So for those of you with very little imagination when it comes to glamour, Redolent Rose will whip you into shape.

Secondly, a new map for The Feast PvP mode will be added if you're sick of the existing scenary on offer. This time it's the Crystal Tower Training Grounds where barriers will randomly pop up around the arena, making it a somewhat more dynamic game of chicken.

Thirdly, there's the glamour dresser, perfect for your meticulously crafted fashion statements to be safely stored for easy accessibility on the fly.

Fourthly, here are some more mounts for you to haplessly attempt to chase for:


I can't imagine who would find funny the image of an evil Magitek claw holding up a hapless Lalafell in the air like it's a hostage being transported away.





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