Help [FFX] End game equipment


Feb 28, 2016
Hey everyone I'm looking for a little help with the endgame as far as how to equip my characters. I have an empty 4 slot armor from Wantz for every character because I read that this is ideal. However when I recently defeated Dark Valefor she dropped a break hp armour for Rikku. Obviously I'm going to want this on all characters. My question is how hard is it to get all seven break hp gears from the dark aeons? Also what other attributes should I put on the armours if I'm going to be grinding in the monster areana for a while and also to face nemisis and penance eventually. Should I keep the empty four slot gear? I made a mistake as well not grabbing the item for the Caladbolg from Zanarkand and I need to fabricate Tidus' weapon seeing as how 10 million gil isn't enough for the greedy son of a pigeon to preform zanmato and I'm gonna need the fabricated weapon to beat him eventually. My question there is what I would need besides the dark matters (almost have them) to simulate the Caladbolg?