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Apr 28, 2009
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Square Enix has released some news about possibly making another sequel to FF X story. The title they have for this sequel is FF X-3. In the special Dissidia Final Fantasy NT community broadcast, Testuya Nomura revealed two artwork of an older version of Tidus and Yuna.


Voice Actress Marika Kouno, who is a big fan of Final Fantasy X, asked if there is any consideration other than Final Fantasy X-2 for a spinoff, sequel or a DLC related to Final Fantasy X.

Yoshinori Kitase: “Currently, Final Fantasy X’s latest story is recorded in the voice drama for the HD Remaster, but back when we decided to include the voice drama the staff was really excited about the thoughts of ‘Don’t you want to make Final Fantasy X-3?’ However, most of them have been busy and so we haven’t been able to make it happen.”

Tetsuya Nomura made the illustration for the voice drama, and it was included in the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Exhibition which was held in Tokyo earlier this year.

Takeo Kujiraoka Director of Dissidia Final Fantasy said: “There’s been some requests to make this (Later Years of Tidus & Yuna) into costumes, and when I asked Nomura-san he said ‘First make Final Fantasy X-3 then,’ to which I responded ‘Right!’

Yoshinori Kitase: “For now, I hope fans can look at this illustration and just wonder ‘I wonder what would happen in Final Fantasy X-3?’”

– Siliconera.
Given how Final Fantasy X and X-II ended, I really have to wonder if it is even possible to have a Final Fantasy X-III.

I mean, certainly going back to that world would be a possibility. But well... what is revealed about Tidus in each of the games really precludes any possibility of any further connection between Tidus and Yuna. Final Fantasy X-II is very much about Yuna getting over losing Tidus.

It would certainly be possible to return to return to the world that Final Fantasy X took place in, but is it really even one of the more interesting worlds in the series? Final Fantasy X-II was not received very well or highly rated due to it feeling like there wasn't enough going on (ironically, I have completed X-II, but never completed X. I just couldn't get through that field where Bombs attack you every few steps).

A Final Fantasy X-III would feel more like driving into that dead-end and if it has anything to do with Tidus and Yuna, would functionally negate the whole point of X-II.
I wouldn't mind it, if and only if, they have a good story and a good idea. Otherwise, no.

I would actually love if Tidus and Yuna take up an Auron type of role, now that they would be older, more mature and more experienced. Maybe they have to help out a group of younger teens on a mission and protect them.

It would be great to show the growth between them, between X and X-3.

Though, really, what could they do for an X-3 ? If they do the whole "Oh noes Shin is coming back !" that would be really lame.:jtc:
Personally I would prefer a prequel. A game that revolves around Jecht, Auron and Braska and their adventures. That would definitely be good to see!
Haha @Interlude65 your last two posts were very interesting to read, though I can't decide if you hate FFX/X-2 or love it. :P

Anyway, for me, I only ever finished FFX (with some investment into X-2) and... I dunno, it would be cool if they decided to do it anyway. This wasn't my favorite of the franchise but it wasn't my least favorite. I like @79Tidus' idea of a prequel, but I can agree with @Starships that 'Sin coming back' would be equally as lame.

Exploring the two main characters after some time has passed would be very interesting.Though I don't really like it when sequels focus on new main characters and have the old ones as secondary, or even less so. Maybe it would be cool to do a combo of it all, where there is two stories going on of Tidus & Yuna in the present & then a story of the past. Poorly worded but I'm sure you get what I mean.
I’d be up for a prequel rather than another sequel. As people above have said, Braska’s pilgrimage would be a first choice in most people’s minds (and this was the first thing I’d thought of). However, that journey might be much the same as Yuna’s (with the difference being that everyone dies at the end), but there is also a lot that could be done with the original Zanarkand before it fell to ruin. We could see the origins of Yevon, etc.
That could be interesting to experience first hand. I doubt we could ever see it though.

But X-3 as a sequel? It would have to be an original story set in that world for me to truly be behind it. Bringing back Sin wouldn’t be interesting. They've done that already.

Maybe instead there is a problem with the Farplane and the dead are returning to the mortal plane, or the pyreflies can no longer reach the Farplane and the Farplane begins to decay. Something like that which requires Yuna to renew some of her summoner duties again could be interesting. To make the game darker and to introduce a harsh dilemma to complicate the plot, maybe it should be revealed that Tidus being brought into existence in X-2 is the very thing which disrupted the Farplane. Yuna has to choose: Tidus or the entire Farplane. Another tearjerker...
I don't care about Braska enough to want the prequel.

Just gives a reboot, starting with FFX Remake.
Hopefully they'll make the X-2.5 Audio Drama non canon... :P

As for X-3, I don't know, I found X-2's tone shift so goofy that I can't imgaine them really making a serious comeback. I mean what would it really be about? I'm open to a prequel but it hardly seems necessary, I think more than anything Final Fantasy needs to stop dithering with Remakes and sequels/prequels and get to work on NEW content... ... (Though I would welcome a World of Final Fantasy Part 2 :P)