FFX-2 FFX-2: What would you change?

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Jun 9, 2010
This is another FF game in which I'm sure many people have lots to say. What would you wish to be changed in this game?

I haven't really finished the game, but here are some random thoughts from me:
-DRESSPHERE CHANGE ANIMATION. I know you can turn them off, but first-time-changes are always shown by default. I mean, sure we got to see the pretty girls in action, but they are so slow...
-Make less things missable. Enough said.
-I don't really like mission-based systems, most of the time. It would have been better if they do not flash those 'mission start' thingy.
-So many things are recycled from FFX!!! Some of them are downright too blatant and cheesy.

That's all I can think of for now.
I would add Baralai, Gippal and Nooj to the party and still add the choice to choose your party members. Leblanc and her two sidekicks as well.

I would remove all the cheesy and lame jokes.

The game wouldn't start with the Full Emotion concert and instead start with something more action-wise. Maybe Rikku and Paine interrupting the concert and Yuna joining up with them and catching Leblanc disguised as Yuna and a battle between the two Yuna's and then Leblanc changing to her true form. Then the FMV changing to Besaid with Lulu touching her pregnant belly with Wakka by her side, then to Bevelle with Baralai taking charge and a group of sphere hunters watching a sphere video and then the sphere video showing Shuyin looking mysterious and heading towards Venagun. Then with the title screen Final Fantasy X-2 appearing.

The one Thousand words concert would be about Yuna and her memories and emotions about Tidus and then Lenne appearing and then sharing her memories about loosing shuyin. Tieing in the feeling of the two girls both loosing their loved ones.

I would also remove the whole 100 per cent, chapter 1-5 silly stuff and the controllable airship at the start and let it play like a usual Final Fantasy game. World map and etc.

The last boss would be more harder and less of a joke. Shuyin would transform into a monster like usual FF Final battles.

I would let Nooj commit suicide but give him a really good reason for doing so. I would also make the game a little more serious too and like above remove most of the lame jokes.

I wouldn't let Tidus return. I would show Tidus's spirit holding and embracing Yuna but no official return. The ending would be Yuna embracing Tidus's spirit and mentioning that Tidus will always be alive within Yuna's heart. She'll return to Besaid and celebrate with Wakka Lulu and their baby son. Rikku is in Zanakand with Cid and removing the Theme Park stuff in Zanakand and mentioning all the memories she had with Tidus and stands in the spot where they had the fireplace at the start of FFX in Zanakand and smiles with tears in her eyes with Cid looking at her and patting her shoulders. Then it heads to Paine with Baralai where Baralai leaves Bevelle and announces that the Yevon religion should die. Paine smiles and mentions that she's going to pick up Yuna and Rikku and are going to keep on Sphere hunting and she's move on from her past and is now more of a happier person.

Credits roll and afterwards there's a scene with Tidus, Auron and Jecht's spirit playing a above water version of blitz-ball. And Tidus saying within his mind that he'll never forget Yuna and the adventure and time he spent with Yuna and then the blitz- ball zooming into the air. Then the title screen The End appearing on screen.

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Better story. I hate the story because I hate the idea of
tidus coming back to life in the 100% ending. He isn't meant to be alive, it completely ruins the bitter sweet ending of X.

Get rid of the lame girly crap. It's fine having an all girl cast (though I'd prefer they didn't) but why make them so ditzy. I can't even see how it'd be attractive for guys :S It reminds me of some little kiddy girly game and it hurts to play.

The missions. I don't like missions. It should have been more like X.

That's all I can think of for now.

I loved the battle system though :ari: it's great
  • It should be possible to get 100% completion without having to play the game twice.
  • The sequence in which the player does or does not complete the missions should be far less pedantic. Some missions were only available for a short space of time; you had to complete one before another, but competing mission a would prevent access to mission b.
  • The player should be able to choose the good or bad ending regardless of whether or not they've done x and y. There are far too many silly things you have to do to get the good ending. It made the whole experience a chore. :gasp: and despite attempting to follow guides for the good ending, I was forced to watch the bad ending instead. :hmph:
  • The tone should be a little more serious...
  • Yuna's character in X-2 should be rewritten! Yuna's transformation into a peppy preppy girly girl was terrible. She should have matured into a strong, independent woman. -_-
Looks like my thoughts are pretty well in-line with everyone else's. I honestly don't think FFX-2 is a bad game, but should either have been shorter and half the price of a full game just so that X could have its tie-in, or several things should have been done drastically differently.

-More content should have been improved from X, not reused. Honestly, a lot of FFX's models just look like slightly high-res PS1 models. This is understandable for X itself; the PS2 was a new platform at the time, and the game had so much streaming audio that memory had to be saved in other areas in order to fit it all on one disc. But for X-2? The PS2 was a common platform by its development period and the game didn't need to compete with its predecessor for most dialogue ever. Things could and should have looked much better from before.

-The story should not have had such a jarring dual-personality. It was quite the shocker to enter to such an over-the-top peppy/girly game after the mature and sober ending of FFX. I think everyone assumed right from the concert intro that the entire game would have no seriousness to it at all. Well, thankfully it did, but the serious moments seemed to always insert themselves at odd times, disrupting the previous flow of gameplay and making it feel like you had to endure a bunch of silliness to get to the real story, which only showed itself once in a while. The real story that was there was not bad, there just should have been more of it and less of the super-happy stuff in-between.

-The clothes. Seriously? So now I have to play a Final Fantasy game with the door shut? And that massage scene with LeBlanc making awkward noises doesn't help any for people that might be within earshot...

-The completion system was annoying. 'Nuff said, there.

One thing I wouldn't necessarily change that I know a lot of people probably would is the music. It was different, but for a tie-in game that didn't attempt to be a 'true' Final Fantasy title, I kind of liked it. It really set the mood for a post-Sin Spira.
I'm actually one of the few people to like FFX-2. lol. But there are things I hated about the game:

1.) No over the top silliness/girly style/Charlie's Angel crap. This honestly got on my nerves. I don't mind a lighter, happier, funnier game. After a very depressing and deep game like FFX it would be nice to have a silly and lighter sequel. It makes sense since Sin is gone and the Eternal Calm has only just begun. Everyone should be happier. But SE took this concept and went absolutely bat shit insane with it. There is such a thing as overkill, and they went waaaayyyyyy overboard with FFX-2. They did balance it out with the story of Shuyin and Lenne, along with the Crimson Squad, etc. But most of these themes were hidden (i.e. The Den of Woe is generally unknown to most players because they didn't get all the Crimson Spheres) so most players don't get the see the deepest, darkest, and horrifying parts of the game.

2.) Controllable airship. Most people love the fact that FFX-2 was a lot less linear than FFX, but are disappointed in the fact that they are still unable to drive the airship around. So I would change that. Moreso for other fans. Personally, I like it both ways. I like the selecting a destination & going, and I also like a controllable airship. But others prefer the latter.

3.) Less fan service. I don't need to explain this.

4.) The music. Sorry LukeLC, I'm one of those people who would change the music. Half of it sounded like it belonged in an Indian porno, and the other half sounded like very weird elevator music. There are very few songs I liked on the soundtrack. Compare that to other FFs where I like pretty much every song on the soundtrack. Following the likes of FF6-10 the soundtrack for 10-2 was a total fail for me.

5.) Don't make it so hard to get 100% competition. God forbid you forget to speak to the person in the Moogle costume at the beginning of the game, you don't get the perfect ending. Really? This was beyond frustrating.

6.) The bad ending should have showed more places being blown up. Personally, I like the bad ending cause it made me laugh (that one old lady who goes flying gets me every time), but it would have been more dramatic to see Besaid blow up, Kilika, Macalania, Zanarkand, Bevelle, etc.

One thing I wouldn't change:

Tidus' return. I like the fact that they made it optional. You don't want Tidus returning? You like the ending of X and preferred to keep it that way? Don't press X at the end to get the whistles. You'll get the normal ending. Simple as that. If you're like me and you want a happy ending for Yuna: get the Good or Perfect ending. End of story.
...What wouldn't I change?

JK, bro. It was fun. It's just the useless sequel, totally not affecting the first, and it was just light-hearted joy. I can appreciate the gems and the smelly shits of the game, but there is one big thing I would change, and that's how careful you need to be in order to obtain 100%. There are some things you actually need to make sure you do before you do something else, it's ridiculous. How the fuck are you supposed to know this without any sort of guide? This seems to be a huge problem with a lot of FF games. You need a fucking guide. Lame.
I agree with the majority of people here, mostly with the girly essence of the main characters. I also seriously dislike all thats necessary to obtain the 100% completion. My favorite parts of the games were actually the Den Of Woe and the mystery of underground Bevelle/Vegnagun so I wish that they developed those things a little more. The most annoying thing of the game would have to be the mini-games and side quests of the Calm Lands. I don't really enjoy those kinds of games and I feel that advertising for a certain hover service was so pointless. I did enjoy the sphere break, though. I wasn't too fond of the three character party in battle either. I kind of wish that Brother, Buddy and Shinra(especially Shinra) were able to participate in battle as well. A major upgrade in X-2 was ditching the sphere grid. It is much more organized and easier to use in X-2, I often found myself getting lost in the sphere grid :p As for the ending, I totally agree with PhoenyxAngel that I enjoyed the heart felt and joyous ending, the "bad" ending is available and takes less effort to obtain so you do have the option if that is what you would prefer. FFX-2 overall was a good game, I just felt that there was something missing, probably because I was so attached to FFX and the dark/mysterious essence of it.
Maybe it's because this is the first Final Fantasy game that I discovered, so I have a huge love for it, but I don't think I'd change anything about it. I really loved the story and how Yuna was struggling to move on from Tidus's loss and she was strong and capable even though she was hurting and hardly ever let her hurt show and she still had spunk and I just really loved it. She was the hero of the world and at the same time she was making her own way in it, even though she'd lost just about everything when Tidus had to leave her. I think one of my favorite aspects was her being a songstress. I don't know why (I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that I loved the songs Real Emotion and 1000 Words, though), but yeah. :) I have a huge love for this game and I think it was one of the better Final Fantasy games and I am very pleased with it. There isn't a thing I would personally change.
I'm going to have to be honest, I really loved this game. Was it really a necessary game? Ehh, I could've lived without it. Did I enjoy it? HELL YA. It's not Tidus' journey anymore, it's Yuna story.. and her goals to find peace within herself, and closure as well. I really liked everything about the game, and to really change it would defeat its purpose, i think. ' Cept maybe all the friggin' steps you had to do to get the perfect ending :rage:

I would like to add more though. Yeah we saw Gippal, Baralai, Nooj, and Paine's past but I was disappointed to see them so little in the actual game.. Maybe towards the ending, but still. I felt like these men were leaders :ffs: why not add just a little more of them in the game? I was also curious between Rikku's and Gippal's past relationship..wish they would've expanded more on that as well.

That's about it. :monster:
I would change Active Mode. I really love the idea of a quick-paced battle, but with this game, it really is turn-based at the end of the day. The worst is when you'd need someone to use Phoenix Down right then and there, but would have to wait - sometimes for one of the girls to comment on it lmao like just use the damn item at the same time? So, yeah. Active-mode wasn't even a challenge, just pretty much an inconvenient illusion. Incredibly flawed.

I'd also change the way the corny content was handled. If Final Fantasy was a playlist, X-2 would be the pop song, and I love that, but it often felt like I was watching a kids' show with the way some of the characters behaved. Too much second-hand embarrassment lol

Last but not least... Yuna's hairstyle LOL the long braid is lovely and unique, but SE did her so wrong with that Tidus/mom haircut omg
If I could change anything about the game it would be the cheesiness of the game. The whole game was not cheesy but it had moments especially between Yuna Paine and Rikku. I thought it would be interesting to a girl group dynamic in the game but I feel like they kind of missed the mark with it. And it could be better if they didn’t make them be cheesy most of the time.