FFX-2 FFX-2 HD Creature Creator Tournaments Help

Apr 12, 2014
Warning, contains slight spoilers. Read at your own discretion.

Okay. So far, I've been working on collecting all the creatures to get their stories, ei: leveling them up, getting story bonuses, etc.
In addition, I've been trying to complete the tournaments, because I know the rewards can be some of the best accessories in game that are scarce and hard to obtain.
Thus far, I've beaten the Standard, Standard:Hard, Grand, and Grand:Hard. I'm somewhat stuck at the Grand:Hard, because I've already beaten it three times, which as you all know, that's when the
Tonberry Ripper and Areg & Arroja
are introduced, as well as one more that I can't think of at the moment.

And, on the fourth round,
Areg & Arroja
will be your final opponents. My levels are in the mid 30's, as of the moment, and there's NO possible damn way to beat these guys.

Nothing hits them, and it's taking forever. I have a monster (M) that is surviving the hits, thanks to Vigor. Just, nothing hits hardly.
I'm in Chapter One, by the way. So I don't really have access to a lot of "useful" accessories. Nor can I beat the Chocobo Cup either (which I know you can get
from winning it, and that never misses which would be a good strategy for beating
Areg and Arroja
, which I'll get to that in a moment as well).

If PERHAPS I could beat the Chocobo Cup to get
, I'd be set. I hope.

Are there any methods that you all know of that could assist me for the Chocobo Cup? Early on, of course, because I want to still keep my girls at a low level for the fiend stories. Or, if you guys know of a method to beat
Areg and Arroja aside from the Darkness thing
, that would be useful as well.

ANYthing that anyone can come up with, would be a massive help.