FFX-2 FFX-2: Debate and Opinions

Apr 12, 2014
For those of you whom have purchased a copy of FFX/X-2 HD Remaster.

Personally, I haven't yet played X-2 (I'm close to the ending on FFX, training the characters and doing last minute stuff before the ending) so I was wanting to see what everyone thought thus far, or those whom have beaten it already.

Of course, as we all know, they've made some additions. One being the two new dresspheres, which I gotta say:
I'm excited about experiencing. The monster hunting bit, just seemed like they wanted to add the part of this from FFX, to kind of enhance the game I suppose. So, I'm not too excited about that one, but as said, I haven't played yet, so I don't know how that's going to be. And the anticipated "Last Mission", something that fills the bridges of the time gaps. Those are just some.

As far as what I've experienced with FFX, I've loved it. It's lived up to its reputation to satisfy the old fans, and enough to bring in some more of the new. The graphics were enhanced to the point it was enough to awe some of the fans who played the original, and not so much to destroy the natural and nostalgic feel we've all come to love. The audio even impressed me. Again, enough to please the older fans, and not too much as to outlook the original quality. And as far as the additions to FFX, it's great. I'm completely more than satisfied to where I could play it again and again as I have with the original.

The point in saying this, is this also would apply for FFX-2. Since I have not played, I wanted to see what some of you thought of such, and I'll surely give my opinion on the game once I've played it thoroughly at least.

Were you pleased with the additions made to the game? Even the added "Last Mission" ending? How were you pleased with the graphics? Or were you displeased and have a different opinion than as I have stated prior in regards to FFX? Same with audio, your thoughts? Were you satisfied with the over all makeover for the game? Or were you dissatisfied with it? Even if you're far and between, what were the things you liked and disliked of it? This doesn't just have to be the only things you have to post your opinions over, it can be anything.
The things that I didn't list are welcome to be discussed as well.

I know this would seem like it would fall under the discussion thread, but that's why I wanted to make my own thread of it. It's not so much that I wanted to discuss the game on its own, more so of comparison to my own thoughts and opinions towards FFX to those opinions of whom have played both games on the disc.

Although those whom have ONLY played the remade version are welcome to post their opinions and thoughts, I'm anxious to see what those whom have played the older PS2 versions as well as the remaster have to say.

So, thoughts fellow fans?
Well honestly I loved both X and X-2,

so when they came out with the remastering of both games, why not purchase it? The fact of the matter is that it still held the memories and everything else that it offered to begin with in addition to more content?

I think it's a purchase that isn't necessary, but it still was a good refresher of what I fell in love with from the first time around.

Not to mention it's a fair and decent pricing of the game.

If you want the overall experiences of X and X-2 for sure add it to the wishlist.
I thought the upgrades to X-2 were really good. I wish there'd been more trophies for the Monster Arena / Creature Capture than there were. I wasn't sure about it before I played but it's actually really fun, and you can get some of the best items in the game quite early. Also, some of the creatures aren't monsters but characters so that's definitely interesting, so is the way you can build them up using items and accessories and dresspheres. I liked the fiend tales as well, they're nice little stories, usually rather sad though. It's not like the monster Arena in X, so if you're expecting something very much the same then you'll get a nice surprise :)

The two new dresspheres are cool, neither of them are my favourite, but they have their uses, the Festivalist dressphere is kind of like the Mascot in that each girl has different sorts of abilities with it. It also has a good variation of stats. The psychic one I personally didn't like as much, but it definitely looked nice and had some interesting abilities like Warp (move behind the enemy) and Telekinesis (eject them from battle).

Last Mission I really enjoyed. It's not at all like X-2 in terms of gameplay. It feels very much like a minigame (an extensive one if that) and the story is very much like an epilogue to finish off the story and give closure to the characters. I don't think I'll listen to the audio drama, because the end of Last Mission feels like it's intended to be the very end of the story, and from what I've heard the audio drama is not worth listening to.

The graphics enhancement in X-2 isn't as obvious as X though. However one thing I did like was that Yuna's character models from X and X-2 look a lot more similar now. I don't know if the sound track in X-2 was also remastered, because if it was I honestly never noticed the changes.

So I'm very satisfied with the Remaster :) I had all the bonuses in X anyway since I have the International version of it so I'm glad the graphics were such a step up because otherwise everything would have been pretty much the same. I didn't find the graphics so much better in X-2, but the extra stuff is well worth it. So I'm glad I got the remaster, even though I still own X and X-2 for the ps2 and have a console to play them on.