FFVII Remake - The Game Awards 'Cloud' trailer


Hey, have you people heard of this bloke called 'Cloud Strife'? Apparently he's this mercenary chap who's also a tad ambivalent about the Planet literally dying. This amateur group of environmental terrorists decided to recruit him into their cause, for crying out loud! I wonder how much they're paying him, because it doesn't even look like they can afford to pay the annual property tax on their headquarters.

The Game Awards 2019 event came out with a new trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake that focuses on the character of Cloud Strife, in case anyone has forgotten who he is. Wedge also has a brief moment in the trailer, but ultimately the poor lad is doomed to be drowned out by the likes of Aerith, Jessie, Barret and Tifa.

Final Fantasy VII Remake (Part 1 at least, though they're not explicitly saying it) is out on 3 March 2020 as a timed exclusive for the PS4.

Nova Crystallis


Tifa: “You weren’t thinking of leaving Midgar anytime soon, were you?”

Very meta! Sums up the game. :argor:

I love this trailer though. There's some good footage of Cloud with Avalanche, and Barret doing his stuff! There isn't much we haven't seen already, but to be honest I'm okay with that as I want some surprises.
"Really glad to have you back"

He's FIT though, loved it.

They better not be stealing Tifa's moment when he crashes down into Aerith's church, I saw what Jessie was doing!

Barret, Jessie and Cloud in the elevator in the Shinra building.... Hype!