FFV - Worth Getting?

Aztec Triogal

Feb 8, 2007
Williamsport, PA
Since this topic crops up so much, I figured I'd make a topic and sticky it.

Is this game worth getting? Please post your replies so that people who cannot decide can read this to make their decisions.
Although FFV is my least favorite out of all the FF games I've played so far, I still recommend getting it. The job system is interesting to work with, although I think having specific jobs assigned to each person (like in IV or VI) makes for a stronger storyline. The soundtrack is really great, too. The music in FFIV was a bit on the primitive side (although I still really liked it), and the FFVI soundtrack is very serious and solemn. The music of FFV falls somewhere in the middle, which makes for a really great, well-balanced soundtrack. Overall, I don't think FFV is one of the best FF games out there, but it still has its high points.
Personally i don't think this game is worth getting at all. Its overly hard and the job system makes me want to die.

But it has a reputation as being one of the best - so i guess it is worth getting.
This game is a MUST play!
The job system in this version is 3 steps higher than the job system from FF3 and the story is alot better, It's one of my favorite FF Games of all time and will stay there.

Also it was the first appearance of Moogles, who can pass this up?
absolutely worth it. FFV is one of the FFs with the best gameplay ever in my opinion. the job system is awesome, the scenarios are breath-taking though the backstory isn't that rich compared to other FFs I find it interesting. I also find the ending one of the bests in the series. so if you're a fan of the series you definitely shouldn't miss V. ;)
I recommend getting it. The job system is very fun to play around with. Just don't expect amazing character development. That's more VI's department. XD. Like with IV, you will need patience with this game.

I have heard from many people that this game doesn't have good replay value. So maybe it would be better if you rented the game first to try it out.

This is also the last true Final Fantasy game. FF I-V's plots revolved around the four crystals that held the world in balance. After V the crystal plot was pretty much dropped. XD

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I pitch in that it's worth getting as well.

Why? As already mentioned, the job system is quite awesome and the story is pretty good as well. Not exactly my favorite, but this game is actually pretty good.
I say definitely. As far as classic FF titles go, this is definitely my favorite. The characters are deep, interesting, and very cleverly designed. I'm a big fan of the job system. I'm not 100% sure why but this game holds a lot of meaning for me. I love it. It also held a lot of firsts for the series, definitely worth playing.
Yes, I recommend this game! (I'm actually replaying it atm.)

The job system lets you combine and use different types of character classes. There are a large range of different classes, each of them being unique.

Bosses and monsters are a bit tougher compared to the rest of the FF series. There is more fighting monster and dungeons as well. There isn't as much story sequences, side-quests, and 'hanging around town' compared to most of the FF titles.
I'm not really a huge fan of Final Fantasy V but I would say buy it since it is a Final Fantasy game and it's just good to have in a collection. I never finished the game because I found it rather dull and plus I had a lot of trouble with some bosses so I simply gave up. I don't know if I leveled up my characters properly or not.. I mustn't have. The job system is pretty cool and fun but overall this game is definitely not in my top five favorites that's for sure.
Absolutely must play! FFV has quickly become one of my favorites in the series. It's incredibly hard and has an awesome job system. I've played it through many times!
yes it is one of the best

anyone here like gilgamesh i know i do

as for challenge i really have no clue what you guys are talking about i found this game way to easy i really didnt have any trouble with omega or shinryu either

it also has a high replay value and its cheap you really dont loose there
If you’re a serious FF fan, then it’s definitely worth at least one play through, whether or not you want to add it to your collection is up to you.

+ The story is alright.
+ The battle system and game play are challenging as well as fun.

- The characters were alright, but there’s very little in the way of character development.

Other than that, this game is much simpler in terms of complexity as compared to the later PS1 titles, but still worth a one play through, in my opinion.
i'm playing the GBA remake myself, i think its worth getting. There are lots of jobs to choose from and i hear its a very large game too. The story may not be as indepth as VI but it does have its funny bits
Definitly worth playing. Job System allows a flexable team all the time and each character has their own unique look for each job so doesn't look tacky like FFI and III. The story, despite the slack it gets, is actually pretty good and intresting though parts can be highly annoying. Humore from IV has been retained so it's not terribly seirous. Fairly hard for new players to the game and you don't use guides as some parts of the game (such as certain monsters and bosses) can be a bit of a trial and error kinda thing, but thats a good thing in my opinon. If you like collecting Blue Magic then theres a fair bit to find, with some actually usefull though ofcourse not entirly necassary. Has quite a few side area's and quests to do so if you like exploring and find ing secrets its a definite plus.
and Galuf's exit rivals that of a certain Aerith in a later game

Oh and it has Gilgamesh.
I never really viewed as hard, but I usually end up grinding hardcore when I get the first set of jobs...but I definitely think this game is worth it. The job combinations allow for so much customization and strategizing, or you could go the simple route and not worry about it. I find myself playing it and VII most often when I break out my PSX Emulator.
I've played through FFV on the PSX and NES, and am currently working on the GBA version. So far the PSX version has my preferred vote, but apparently the GBA version has improved mega bosses which is what i'm after.
At any rate, get FFV for sure, it ranks second in the classics behind FFVI imo.
I am sad to say ( as I consider myself a hardcore ff fan) that I have never played this one all the way through. I really need to go back and play this one again, all the way this time. You have all convinced me it is worth doing.
*I personnaly think this gameshould be obtained by every final fantasy lover! :) why oh why you might ask? well ....

-the story is interesting and each character has a role to play in the game :)

-the battle system is great,you can try out new strategies and techniques.

-Job system is awesome,there are various ways to customize your characters abilities :) its really fun :)

-monsters are more than just level up tool,they can become allies and have valuable abilities to aid you in your quest :) therefore making the game more interesting :)

*have fun and enjoy the final fantasy V expirience :) weeeeeeee :D