Help [FFV] Moogle Forest Help!


The Last Dragon
Nov 26, 2006
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I'm totally stuck on FFV. I've been blown away from Castle X-Death by the barrier, and all that, so I've saved the moogle from the mine, and I have no idea idea where to go next.

I've tried walking to the forest the moogle went into after I saved him but it just doesn't work =/ am I supposed to walk around the desert in the same way the moogle did? Or am I on completely the wrong track here?

I'm totally stumped, and it's really preventing me from playing FFV, as I have no idea what the hell to do =/
some help

yes you have to follow the moogle the way he went around the deserts. Then just roam around the forest until you get to the moogles home.
Don't walk into the deserts. Because the monsters there are unbeatable, and will kill you. Make sure you go around them.
If you stay out of the desert, you won't get any encounters. That's why the moogle followed that path :lolwhack:
The Moogle Village is in a certain tile of the forest that the moogle went to. It's about where this guy is standing. xD Hope this helps.
So wait, I have to follow the forests, like I can't just walk into the forest with the moogle village by going through the deserts?

Cause I've been in the desert a few times, and although the monsters are tough, I can still kill them..