FFV coming to Steam September 24th!


Blue Mage
Aug 19, 2015
So FFV is officially coming to Steam! I'll definitely be picking it up on release day as I've never finished the game. I'm a little conflicted because I have really enjoyed the other FF steam ports, but they've had their fair share of issues as well. Also, FFV seems to be one of the more divisive games in the series so I'm curious how many others are excited about this release. Anyone else planning to pick up the steam version?
As this will be the closest I get to the Final Fantasy Collection (In terms of cheaper!) I'll look forward to playing this.
I didn't use to spread the jobs out (Until it was White Mages etc) I used to have the whole party being a team of jumping Ninjas!
Any idea of a date of release?
Yeah it comes out on September 24th. I went ahead and purchased the game. I used greenmangaming rather than steam because gmg has a 23% off voucher up on their site currently, and they give you a steam code. So I was able to get the game for $11. I like the team of Ninjas idea hahah. My only experience with a pick-your-own class system is III so I'm curious to see how that system differs in V.