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Dec 14, 2006
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Welcome to our very first FFF Chocobo Race event!

If you have played Final Fantasy 7, this should be familiar as it's a similar concept...with a twist, of course!

The Chocobo Race is set to start on November 16. You have about one week to determine which chocobos will place first and second place. Provided below are the stats (speed and stamina) for each chocobo, along with their awesome cosmetics.


Chocobo Race Course:


- The odds of winning are random (so Santa Blaze may not necessarily win depending on circumstances...), but you have an option to increase the chances and turn the tide in your favor.
- Everyday a random dice generator will come into play, determining how many moves (1-6) a chocobo can make. The first two chocobos to finish the race, wins!
- A game update (with varying effects and circumstances; e.g. stepping on chocobo turd obstacles will set a chocobo back 1 tile) will be posted on a daily basis until two chocobos are declared winners.

How to participate:

-Purchase a ticket for 25 Gil in MogShop > Events Center and place your bet on two Chocobos you think will come first and second place.

-The numbers in the grid are for which Chocobos will come in first and/or second place. For example, betting on "2-5" means betting for Chocobos #2 and #5 to come in first and second in either order.

How to increase chances of winning (Optional):

- Purchase Gysahl Green in Events Center to raise +1 Speed, which will give a Chocobo an extra +1 move on the tile. (Make sure to input the custom field: Chocobo name and number). Limit of 1 Gysahl Green per day so first come, first serve basis!

- Participate in the Chocobo Race raffles (Entry Fee: 1 CT) for a chance to get additional tickets, which gives you the option to bet for more Chocobos to win! Rather than just betting for #2 and #5 to come in 1st and 2nd place, you can also bet for #4 and #6 to come in 1st and 2nd place! Up to 3 Tickets can be obtained. Raffles will be drawn on November 14 to give you adequate time to bet before the race starts.

1st place: 2 Tickets + 25 Gil (Auto)
2nd place: 1 Ticket + 20 Gil (Auto)
3rd place: 1 Ticket + 10 Gil (Auto)

- The rest is up to a random dice generator.

Bundle Rewards:

The members who placed a bet on the winning Chocobos will have an option to choose from Bundle 1, Bundle 2, or Bundle 3 rewards.

Good luck and have fun! You may keep your bets private or public, up to you.

For any questions, please comment here.
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I don't really get it, but I want 1-4.
Betting on 1-3, also mits your link to the mogshop not working.
With my raffle ticket won from the FATE 1-4 now as well please
I also won the raffle and I apparently get two more tickets?

If so:
1-2 and 5-6 please.
@Daredevil - Since you placed 3rd in the raffle, you get an additional ticket!
Belazor et Britannia - You purchased a ticket but forgot to mention your bet!

Hoping to get a few more participants before the race starts tomorrow. :)
Assuming I did everything right I'll place my bet on 2-4.
3-6 is what I will go with.

The race was delayed for one day due to Kwehnitis catching some form of disease. But he's okay now!

So here's an overview of everyone's bets:
1-4 (Santa Blaze / Kwehnitis)
4-6 (Kwehnitis / Clourith)
1-3 (Santa Blaze / Stardust)
1-4 (Santa Blaze / Kwehnitis)
4-6 (Stardust / Kwehnitis)
1-2 (Santa Blaze / Choco)
5-6 (Hammish McHaggis / Clourith)
3-5 (Stardust / Hammish McHaggis)
2-4 (Choco / Kwehnitis)
4-5 (Kwehnitis / Hammish McHaggis)
@Belazor et Britannia
1-6 (Santa Blaze / Clourith)
@Konoe Mercury
3-6 (Stardust / Clourith)

Day 1:

1. :wolf:Santa Blaze: 1
2. :choco:Choco: 6
3. :moko:Stardust: 2
4. :kwehnitis:Kwehnitis: 1
5. :hamish:Hammish McHaggis: 4
6. :clourith:Clourith: 2

Please note that special events can be activated by landing on special characters on the tile. The effects will not be revealed until then.

Special Events:

-Taking the stats into consideration, there was an extra roll for Santa Blaze for Day 1. Santa Blaze second roll: 5


And that's it for today, folks. Catch you again tomorrow.

Remember, if you purchase a Gysahl Green (50 Gil) in Events Center, you can increase the speed by +1 move. Stock limit (per day): 3. First come, first serve.
I was supposed to post this last night but didn't get a chance to.

Day 2:

1. :wolf:Santa Blaze: 6
2. :choco:Choco: 5
3. :moko:Stardust: 4 + 1 (Gysahl Green boost)
4. :kwehnitis:Kwehnitis: 5
5. :hamish:Hammish McHaggis: 6
6. :clourith:Clourith: 4 + 1 (Gysahl Green boost)

Special Event:

-Hammish McHaggis landed on a chocobo turd, which sets him back one tile. Mogrinch was not happy sharing his personal space. He tricked McHaggis to head into the Evil Forest. "You will find 99 Sylkis Greens," exclaimed Mogrinch.

-Hammish McHaggis loses a turn for Day 3.

Day 3:

1. :wolf:Santa Blaze: 6
2. :choco:Choco: 2
3. :moko:Stardust: 3
4. :kwehnitis:Kwehnitis: 5
5. :hamish:Hammish McHaggis: (Lost a turn)
6. :clourith:Clourith: 4 + 1 (Gysahl Green boost)

Special Event:

-Stardust landed on a chocobo turd, which sets him back one tile. "Another cho?!" Mogrinch was not pleased at all. He whacked poor Stardust with his pompom, which prompted Stardust to hide in the Evil Forest.

-Stardust loses a turn for Day 4.

Day 4:

1. :wolf:Santa Blaze: 2
2. :choco:Choco: 1
3. :moko:Stardust: (Lost a turn)
4. :kwehnitis:Kwehnitis: 1
5. :hamish:Hammish McHaggis: 3
6. :clourith:Clourith: 4

Special Event:

-Choco was greeted by Banuffle, the cutest little chocobo in town.
-Banuffle gave Dionysos and Espurr a "Christmas ball" as a gift for believing in Choco.

Day 5:

1. :wolf:Santa Blaze: 1
2. :choco:Choco: 2
3. :moko:Stardust: 6 + 1 (Gysahl Green)
4. :kwehnitis:Kwehnitis: 4
5. :hamish:Hammish McHaggis: 1
6. :clourith:Clourith: 5